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261: Creationists don't deserve colour
Creationists don't deserve colour

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Blarhghsg. In case I haven't mentioned it before; creationists suck balls. That last link is to cancel out the anger from the first two. Speaking of anger, I have no idea when you'll be reading this, since shtank has been asking for a password to access the site since wednesday, and it won't let me into the ftp either. No reasons currently why this is going on. A few changes also going on: The forum will be moving from to sometime soon, but voting is still at Okay? I've updated the menu to link to the right place, but don't forget to update your bookmarks. Also, since aniverse has been pretty unreliable ever since the DoS attacks (unable to connect, and various services problems) I've joined the Aikida bandwagon and moved the channel to Update your...well...not bookmarks. Uh, connection list I guess. The log humour isn't so much funny as it is a reminder that aniverse is a goner! Abandon ship! Blurry is celebrating his 1 year anniversary on may 21 (hopefully this strip will be up before then), so now's as good a time as ever to go through his archives and get up to date. That's all from me, nothing left to rant because I'm tired from that damn thread. Honestly, trying to reason with some people is like trying to reason with a block of dense concrete. Gad, for instance, ignores all arguments contrary to his point of view then later claims that nobody was smart enough to outwit his 200 year old "ideas". He also seems enamoured with his brilliant insight that evolution is based on faith and not, say, archeological evidence. And as for why creationist boy in the strip is in white; he just looked better that way....I have no idea why I made his eye a little smiley in panel 3, but the "where are all the bones" argument is from our pals, answers!. That's also your bizarre linkage. Don't use it all up at once. A quick glance also reveals that they delinked that page from the main answers menu, but not the server. I guess they finally realised that maybe, just maybe all those bones DECOMPOSED OVER TIME YOU IDIOTS.
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