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262: A whole shitload of class
A whole shitload of class

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Welcome to the all new btc server! Major major props to Eddache for putting up with my sponging. I'm pretty sure everything's working properly. Remember to change your bookmarks to! And tell your friends, because we've lost a lot of cheesites in the week and a half shtank's been down. And if your friends don't want to listen, MAKE THEM. If you come across any problems, post in this thread. And we'll need a lot of catchup votes if we're gonna wrangle back our 32 ranking. That's it from me. Go eddache! And go forum! Yeaaaah! Forum!

Search for the replaced btc
Was that rose ALWAYS on that coffin? Or the wreath for that matter? Hmmmm!

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[11:40] <Sloan|AoS> I like my woman like I like my coffee -- bald, and androids
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