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New server!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
As mentioned in the last newspost, we're now on Eddache's turf. So don't go breaking anything, or he'll be really angry and there'll be comics for none. Even though access was dodgy for over a week and a half, we apparently didn't lose THAT many votes, so either you bookmarked the voting link, or the majority of cheesites who we lost never voted anyway. Damn lazy bastards. Anyhoo, update your bookmarks to That number again; Tell your friends! There's still about 200 of you missing! Another update your bookmarks notice; the forum is now at instead of, just in case you didn't catch it the last time. I'm not retrospecitvely updating all the past newsposts because the last time I did that it bit me in the ass. Instead I point you to the large forums link in the menu bar. Aaaanyway, now that all the admin type stuff is out of the way, onto my usual boring crap! Yaaay! Boring! The strip originally was Thanatos talking to big penis guy, but a talk show type setting suited the comic better. Plus I didn't really know how to end it either. It was basically 3 panels of max talking about the problems of a gigantic pecker. Which I squeezed into 2. The third panel was about the inconvenience of walking around with a 4 foot donger, when there's all sorts of wang-unfriendly hazards in our day to day life. Bear traps for one, and bears for another. There's no real point to this little explaination, I'm just trying to fit in as many synonyms for schlong into the newspost as I possibly can. Don't ask why. But isn't suicide a hilarious punchline! HUH!? Ah fine. Be that way. And yes, 'my bigness is supreme' was stolen from that crazy lord of butts, Buttlord GT. Anyway, Insipid did up a fantastic piece of fan art slash guest comic, and I'll be running it on monday's update, because I'm spending this weekend catching up on every project which I've been putting off, which apparently are all due within days of each other. GO EDUMACASHUN! I know you've been missing it, so here's your grand dose of Bizarre Linkage!
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[14:09] <Goonigoogoo>
[14:09] <Goonigoogoo> isn't that the stripper girl in jabba's palace?
[14:09] <Revolvyerom> hell, if I knew she was in there, I might have paid attention to things other than, say, natalie portman's prominent nipples
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