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264: Ye olde guest strippe
Ye olde guest strippe

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey hey! Today's comicry kindly provided by Insipid. Give him a big hand! Especially after I spent so long nitpicking his spelling. I'm like the worst recipient of fan material ever. I'll learn how to draw my own characters as well as other people draw them some day! You mark my words! I was actually gonna do a strip on Matrix; Reloaded (which I just saw today), but I couldn't find a picture of the architect. So...yeah, it would've been kinda stupid looking considering I can't draw caricatures as it is. If any of you leet hacksaws out there have a divx of the movie already, take a screenshot of the scene where architect is yammering on in his chair. A close up would be good. If you get one, leave it in the forum. Eeeexcellent. Do my work for me. Fly my pretties! FLY!! I was actually saving this strip till exams time, but apart from that not finding the picture thing, I'm lazy. Apparently the reason why we didn't drop so far on voting stakes was because twc was buggering up at the same time as shtank was. So lucky break for us, I guess. The cams pages have been cleaned up, and all those nasty broken images are gone. And welcome Jen to page 2! Heya Jen! Alrighty. It's time for me to go, see you on friday after I've worked my ass off on these assignments I've been avoiding (ps: DAMN YOU JAVA! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELLLLL). Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage

Addendum to newspost: This week's featured comic is Closed Caption Entertainment, which is run in part by my buddy from the Polymer City forums, JamesCGamora and drawn in fantastic style by the less frequent PCC forumer Catgirl Natala. Go check them out!

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[ @Beerman ] lol that girl I hooked up with on saturday was saying she was an eating machine
[ @Beerman ] and I said I could eat more than her
[ @Beerman ] she said bring it, I said I could eat her under the table
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