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265: This was funnier in my head
This was funnier in my head

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
The best part of this comic is the two hours I blew drawing Thanatos before I realised I could just skip the introduction altogether in favour of a little CC thing up in the corner. It was something like "Hi cheesites, yadda yadda yadda, special subtitles to translate the Architect's dialogue for the (majority) audience of dumb kids". Anyway, to make up for wasted time, the rest of the comic was assembled by my good pals, ctrl+c and ctrl+v. That got me a bit peeved, having to make such a crappy copy paste comic like some dirty spritey. Plus I totally blew my chance to make a Mr T birthday strip on May 21. But go check out my contribution to Blurry's 1 year anniversary comic. Yeah, that took a lot of work. Oh, and remember when I asked you jerkwads for a picture of the architect? Thanks for NOTHING, jerkwads! Yeah, I had to go harass some ircers to grab a screenshot from a divx of the movie. You go Warskull. Shame those other lazy people. The rest of you: Shame shame shame! Also, if you haven't seen the matrix reloaded yet, bring a dictionary or something because unless it's in a transcript I had real troubles understanding what the hell he was saying. I gathered that "neo" was in some form of "matrix". And there were "tv" screens "everywhere". And yes, I made the last panel up completely. I just flipped through the dictionary at random and picked the biggest words that sounded kinda matrixy. Anyway, this comic was a whole lot funnier in my head, and I'm pretty annoyed what with my lack of caricaturing ability, and the inability to get a joke out without murdering it. Hopefully monday's update will be better. I was gonna do an X-men 2 strip, but the joke is even worse than this one. While I get my act together, why don't you go check some other comics? It's okay. I'll be here until you get back. If you're not reading Lozerz, start now! NOW NOW NOW. That's about it from me for now. Exams begin in 3 weeks and I've still got 4 incomplete projects and about a half a semester's worth of catching up to do. That's probably why I spent the last few days downloading and watching the Animatrix. Seriously, second renaissance kicks some (gory) ass! Detective story and program are pretty good as well, but I really wished they'd released World Record and Kid's Story instead. Those look helluva badass. Plus it would've been good to know what that annoying kid-who-sorta-reminded-me-of-Mouse's deal was in matrix reloaded. I'm downloading what appears to be Final flight of the Osiris right now from Kazaa, but I swear to god these retards need some good punches to the face. Final Flight of the Osiris is NOT the Animatrix. The two terms aren't interchangable. Osiris is one part of the Animatrix, Second Renaissance is also a part of the Animatrix. It is NOT part of Osiris. When you label Second Renaissance 'Final Flight of the Osiris', you're being a dumb jerk. It has the title before each short you morons! Remember to update your forum bookmarks to, not anymore. And while you're updating bookmarks, if your website still links to, update to already! Bizarre Linkage.
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[13:21] <egads> what's sad is this one time, i was hanging out with this guy, and we're watching tv. then all of a sudden he's like "hey, i've never titty-fucked before." and i look at him funny, and he's like "Well?....."
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