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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Rgh. I hate you apple, and everything you stand for. And I fail to be wowed by OS X. So you minimise better and you can use unix command lines. Hooray. XP actually impressed me with increased stability and a more powerful task manager. Os x has impressed me with how much of my uni fees have been blown paying for stupid licenses and software for the ugly imacs. Also; Quicktime 6 is the worst piece of shit known to man. It loads slower than 5, it crashes more, and for some reason eats up more memory, all while delivering exactly the same performance. At least Windows Media Player 9 got rid of that annoying buffering time whenever I skipped through a wmv video. And it didn't have the gall to add some stupid qttask.exe into my startup to eat up even more precious memory. No wonder OS X has so many troubles loading simple programs. And while I'm venting, fuck you OOP professor. Vague project specifications can eat me. Oh yeah, I want you to use "java" to make an "editor" that outputs "xhtml". When prompted for more details, he gives us the xhtml and html 4.0 standards document. THANKS A LOT FUCKER. This is only worth, what 25 GODDAMN PERCENT OF MY MARK. I know you're supposed to make people fail on purpose to keep the bell curve all pretty, but making the entire class fail is not the way to go. How about you give us some more damn details, or you can specify your way to the unemployment line. I'll give you more juicy details later...possibly...or definately in the irc channel, where I'll be continuing to bitch and rant right until the due date (thursday). We've actually asked him numerous times for more details since our future quite literally rests on this project, and he treats the entire thing like it's some massive joke. Fuck you! May's almost up, so I guess any voting is useless until June, but go poke around in the crazy mad forum! And speaking of the log humour, here's another peaceful figure smashing with goodness, in our hot 'n sassy Bizarre Linkage. Today's featured comic is Joel and Steve!, in fact he's also hosted by our great buddy Eddache The man has good taste! Simple, clean art yet it's inherently hilarious. Plus he has some preloading majigger going so going through the archives is a breeze. I can't really say too much about the jokes without spoiling the out of left field punchlines, but anyway, check this shit out. (Ps: The train strips are the greetest)
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[18:23] <Beerman> if women get in your way, punch them in the boobs
[18:23] <Beerman> all the while preaching love and tolerance
[18:23] <Beerman> GHANDI SMASH!
Bigger Than Cheeses
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