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267: They're just that good
They're just that good

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Before you ask, yes, if you are ghandi, taking listerine pocket packs will make you grow crazy huge and make you speak like the hulk. And once upon attaining this transformation, Super Ghandi's natural enemy is Ben Franklin. It's a commonly missed thing. I'm surprised it's not taught in the schools. Also; Kat took fucking ages to draw. Fucking. Ages. I almost miss those templates. But I put her in as a special thing for whoever it was that asked me why Thanatos and Nat have more wacky adventures nowadays. It's because they're the easiest to draw. As the hour and a half I spent on kat's face alone testifies. And as for the fourth panel, Thanatos is certainly very nightmary...of the....checkerboard... I've got nothing. I just thought it was a very chex-like moment and drew it that way. Go read the original and the best. Remember that impossible programming project I told you about last update? Well I managed to get it done 2 hours before it was due, using sheer force of hate. That's right. Fuck studying and plotting out inheritence diagrams, spite is where it's at. I've got your goddamn xhtml right here, bitch. So yeah, it's done on time and I also managed to supply the readme file he asked for in the specs (Why do you need a readme file!? You have a fucking autotester! You run the program called TEST) and riddled it with sarcasm and blame. So remember cheesites, next time someone makes you do something you don't want to do, hold a grudge. Speaking of something you don't want to do, voting is at an all time low, but I'm not sure if that's because of the 2 weeks shtank was out of commission and we never really caught up. So help me, we'd better not be in the 40s by the end of June or there'll be consequences! CONSEQUENCES AND REPROCUSSIONS. I posted this little goodie on the forum a while ago (and on the irc channel even longer ago) to show as a work in progress of a potential new shirt design/wallpaper. It's updated very very slowly, since I'm lazy and lack any incentive to complete it . Of course I might not finish it for a shirt design and change the resolution entirely because the entirety of the store's sales is our pal TehFreak. So, the rest of you are all either apparently poor or stingy. If you didn't like the particular bojangles slogan on the shirt, well I guess you should visit the forum more often. I had a poll/open thread going to see what was the most sellable item and bojangles won by a small margin. That'll learn you Uh, nevermind. Also; I'm gonna stop fixing the log humours for 800x600. If it displays good on my 1024x768, that's the way it's gonna stay. It's 2003 for christ's sake. Upgrade already. Have fun with the Bizarre Linkage while you're getting a new video card
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[18:47] <Beerman> that'd be cool if they had a port for playstation controllers in the cockpits of planes
[18:47] <Beerman> just in case the pilot and co pilot are both dead
[18:47] <Gamending> Lol..
[18:47] <Beerman> fire up boeing 747 2001
[18:48] <Beerman> course it depends where you're coming into land
[18:48] <Beerman> I mean if its somewhere like amsterdam I just can't do it
[18:48] <Beerman> I'm not up to that stage yet
[18:48] <Beerman> I'm stuck on new york
[18:48] <Beerman> keep having to bank around the twin towers
[18:48] <Beerman> course its easier in Boeing 747 2002
[18:48] <Beerman> cos they're not there any more
[18:48] <Beerman> just fly that sucker right on through
[18:49] <Beerman> ...people tell me I shouldn't make jokes like that about september 11th
[18:49] <Beerman> but its just my way of dealing with it
[18:49] <Gamending> ...
[18:49] <Beerman> I mean after all, I lost someone very close to me in the september 11th tragedy
[18:49] <Beerman> I used to say to him "Mohammed"
[18:49] <Gamending> Oh, alright
[18:49] <Beerman> "Mohammed, I don't think you should be flying"
[18:49] * Gamending rolls his eyes at Beerman
[18:49] <Beerman> "At least not until you've learned how to land"
Bigger Than Cheeses
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