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268: Bucka bucka...ahh forget it
Bucka bucka...ahh forget it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ahaha. Worst. comic. ever. 2 updates a week and I'm still relying heavily on the copy paste. Also; I so seriously can't do scenery it's not funny. Things'll be bad for the next 3 or so weeks while I finish up this semester (read; exams), but then you'll have a month of me being free so more updates, plus I can do some work on the site I've been putting off. This comic is courtesy of Darius, ages and ages ago, who said a line something to the effect of this comic. Well, not the fourth panel, but you get the idea. Speaking of the fourth panel, before anyone asks me if Violent Bob is gay, I'll answer you with a solid "Sure, why not". It always pays to have some diversity in the cast, and he did thorougly enjoy saddam oh so many moons ago. I've got some final projects due this week, so friday's update might be pushed back a day (and also explains the high copy paste content of this strip. I hate it more than you do, believe me.), but I think I'm set for next week. At least until I start revising for exams, what with not studying all semester. The updates will be irregular, but I'll try and squeeze out the minimum 2 a week. It's a new month so let's get to voting, so I don't lose to more goddamn spriteys. I mean come on. Some 2 week old punk megaman recolour is already in the top ten. You guys sure make it all worthwhile. Bastards! I kid, I kid. But don't think you can skip out on the voting. The forum is afresh with new threads, so go enjoy them before Fluffy Phil fills them up with random. Speaking of random, Bizarre Linkage

Addendum: Weeeeeelllll I just got back from uni and guess what!? That project I submitted, the one worth A QUARTER OF MY GODDAMN MARK was corrupted. "But goon!" You say, "You can just talk to your professor and reason it out! After all, the files are exactly the same". You'd think that, wouldn't you? But NO! Not if you have a GIANT FUCKING WANKER for a professor! Please, professor wanker, look in my home directory and you can see the files I submitted, and they haven't been modified since. "Oh no, If I make an exception for you I'll have to make an exception for EVERYBODY". Yes that's right. Because exception means 'do the same for everybody'. Can't you at least just look at them and verify that I did indeed do my work on time even though you gave ridiculous specifications and repeatedly failed to hold up your end of the teacher/student agreement by changing the agreed guidelines a scant four days before submission? "Well look at it this way. If you went to a driving test and locked yourself out of the car, what would happen?" I dunno, I'd BREAK THE FUCKING WINDOW OPEN YOU MORON. Even if you failed you could just book another test and not, say, have your entire fucking course held back by a year because of your wankerness. Great analogy professor bozo. I don't give a SHIT about 'doing the same for everybody', just LOOK IN MY HOME DIRECTORY and SEE THE FILES AND HOW THEY HAVEN'T BEEN CHANGED. I DID all the work. I spent DAYS on them, making sure that the files would satisfy your ludicrously vague "specifications" and you won't even LOOK IN A DIRECTORY!? I'm paying your fucking salary! LOOK AT THE GODDAMN FILES. "I'll mark what's there" he says. What's THERE is a corrupted file! That's why I'm HERE! There's nothing there and you'll mark me with NOTHING. I might as well have spent the week SLASHING YOUR TIRES instead of working on the fucking project if I knew you were going to be such a cock about it! Thanks to you being a lazy bastard, I'm gonna fail my course, and knowing how teachers stick together, my meeting with the head of department won't result in you being fired and being forced to live on dog faeces in the dump (as justice would require), but with me getting a black mark against my name for failing AND making complaints against teachers. Bigger than Cheeses is on indefinite hiatus until I get this shit worked out. Thanks to professor dickhead I now have to run the gauntlet of official complaints, stressing about whether I can get a good enough exam mark to pick up the 20% I've just lost IN ADDITION to the combined six months of work in every unit I have to revise. If there is a god, he should stop fucking around with jim carrey and give ME his powers for some well earned SMITING

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[13:40] <Fenris> In the next movie she's supposed to have more adventure-type stuff
[13:40] <Prederick> The boobs. In the tight shirt.
[13:40] <MaximumMango> now lara croft just needs a lesbian sidekick
[13:40] <Beerman> yes
[13:41] <Beerman> it needs to be lara croft and some other hot chick
[13:41] <Beerman> having lesbian sex
[13:41] <Beerman> for six hours
[13:41] <MaximumMango> then they can make a movie about them raiding eachothers tombs
[13:41] <Prederick> Yes.
[13:41] <Beerman> a wacky sidekick guy seen in the background for a split second
[13:41] <Prederick> "Poon Raider"
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