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269: Just like the bad old days
Just like the bad old days

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Update on the "situation": Well, as I went over in the last update's newspost, my OOP professor fucked me over royally by refusing to even look at my project. Yes. The project I'd spent 3 weeks on. The one he'd already repeatedly fucked me over on by changing the specs midway through and not releasing the test harness on the first day as promised, but 4 days before the submission date. The project worth a goddamn quarter of my mark. And the fuckface wouldn't even LOOK at it. For some reason the jar archive I submitted wouldn't extract under linux (adding files to it in windows for some reason turned it into a zip file, I later found out), so I go to him to explain that the file I submitted needs special attention and not just an automarker. He responds with "Well, if the file won't unjar in linux, then I won't mark your project". That's right. Won't. As in he doesn't give a shit. So he gets to assign ricockulously important assignments and fuck around by changing the specs and he won't even lift a finger to go beyond that automated lazy zone that CS teachers get. I offered to lose marks on the jar file (it's part of the assessment, after all), and he can just mark the copy I have in my workspace, since they're the same files. They haven't been touched since before the submission date so by all logical deductions they're the same files. He could have easily checked the access dates in under a minute but NO, the fucker just flat out refuses to do anything but give me a zero mark. For god's sake! I did all the fuctionality, implementation AND documentation, you prick! MARK THAT. NOooooooo. "If I make an exception for you, then I have to make one for everybody". Real good argument jackass. Except that wouldn't be an exception then, that would be the standard... Which it should be ANYWAY, you stupid asshole. You have to do SOME work when you assign projects this big. I'm asking you to, oh, DO YOUR JOB, and give a small fucking margin of error for people who lack the ability to READ YOUR MIND FOR THE NEW GODDAMN SPECS. Yes, it turns out after a re-read of the original specs he gave us that we had to submit a jar file that works. That's right. Jar file that works. There was NEVER anything about working UNDER LINUX, because he'd just added an additional constraint in his brain without telling us. So I'm getting penalised a quarter of my semester grade because I had the audacity to not be born with telepathic powers! Luckily my head of department isn't a soulless evil man-like shell like my professor and he understood that it's both unfair and grossly unconstitutional (the student guild made a bill of student rights) to be penalised an entire project considering, a) I'd DONE the entire damn project, b) The reason why he was penalising me was never in the project specs, c) My teacher is a stupid dickwad and d) It's not my fault Sun can't manufacture a command line extractor to save its life. He didn't give an explicit reassurance, but he said not to worry at least, and that he would take care of it. So keep your fingers crossed I get my full project marks and Peter Jones gets fired like a little bitch.

Newspost!: Ah, just like old times, where Thanatos lives out my revenge fantasies. Hopefully there won't be too many more of these strips for a while, because every time you see one a baby angel gets its jesus....wings....uh...exploded. In case you can't tell, he's holding a Jerry can in the last panel. I think that's how it's spelled. You know, the canister majigger they have on army jeeps. Well, as I outlined in the forum during the week, the project situation is taken care of (there's nothing else I can do now but wait) and I've also closed the store because nobody was buying anything. And the new cafepress terms of service agreements are apparently bogus. I don't really care about the second thing, I just needed an extra push. I have no idea why I made that the vote link. Eh. Gotta squeeze it in the newspost somehow. Also, keep your eyes on the forums, cause if I make any announcements, they'll be there. Really super major announcements will be in the announcement thing I set up above the newspost. Next week is my study break, in which I'll sleep and wallow in my own crapulence, then exams for the next two weeks. Sooo....yeah. Updates will be a bit iffy. Just covering my ass. Speaking of ass....uh...I mean updates, welcome Steven to cams page 4! I've also updated the changes file! Because I suck! You'd better hope I learn how to draw Nat more consistently sometime soon, because that's the maximum height I can actually make the file. There were a few other steps I wanted to include for Nat, but I guess I'm only including the major changes. Same goes for Thanatos. Stupid inability to be consistant. But go see Nat, the amazing woman with the continually changing breasts! An interesting thing about the changes file is that I'll dump a certain way of doing something only to pick it up again much later on without realising it. For example, I change Nat's hair a lot, but keep gravitating to the same hairstyle even though I think I'm being fresh and new. Anyway, Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage. Actually it's not so bizarre because you know the guy's joking, but it's still funny.

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[10:56] <skwerrel> yep, you were as sophisticated as hell that night
[10:56] <Kitsune> sophisticated off my ass
[10:56] <Zeekboy> lmao
[10:56] <Gen|HidingInPillowFort> Sophisticated IN your ass
[10:56] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[10:56] <skwerrel> that doesn't even make any sense
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