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271: More asbestos! More asbestos! More asbestos!
More asbestos! More asbestos! More asbestos!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I actually had this ready on tuesday, but I've been sitting on it since then. Because I can! And because if I updated early then I'd be screwed over for today, wouldn't I? By popular demand, here's everyone's second favourite redhead (the first being obvious) Kat! Naked! Yeah, you ask for it so I do it. Free of charge as well. Well, this whole cheesecake thing has given me an idea, since Kat didn't take nearly as long as Nat...which is a welcome change, actually...but it got me thinking how much easier it is to just draw women in provocative poses instead of thinking of jokes. Especially since I'm cramming my brain full of "facts" and other stuff that'll help me "not fail" "university". So I'm hereby declaring this SHENANNIGANS MONTH. Wait, that's not right. I mean CHEESCAKE MONTH. Yeah that's right. For the rest of June, I'm just gonna slap together cheesecakey cast updates. Yep, all that "learning to draw" stuff was all to reach my ultimate goal of making mostly naked women pictures in my spare time. Maybe I can make a career out of it, like Frank Cho! Don't fret ladies, there'll be Woodrow antics as well....oh boy am I gonna enjoy explaining to my psyche why I'm voluntarily drawing naked sweaty men when I've already proven I could just as easily do naked women. Anyway, while I'm busy convincing myself I'm not secretly gay, why don't YOU get busy for once and make with the voting! Hey, it worked for Fenris in february, so maybe at long last we'll break the top 20. If we break it, there'll Get votes FIRST, reward LATER. I'll reveal more breaking news in the forum if I stumble across any. Probably to do with the erratic update schedule and/or cheesecake rest-of-the-month. A new banner in the extras section, to celebrate my whoreyness! And maybe to catch people's eyes when I use it as my sig for ezboard and twc. Have I mentioned lately how much I love flash and its vectory goodness? MWA! </italian chef stereotype> Before I wrap up yet another meandering pointless newspost, welcome bec to cams page 4 and Beerman back to page 2. Making a Bizarre Linkage! Donated by Tony!
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[10:43] <Goonigoogoo> because it'll save some embarrasmentif you're still coming here 3 months later and I still don't know your sex
[10:43] <Goonigoogoo> like that Dest person
[10:43] <Goonigoogoo> hoo boy. Are there gonna be some problems later on
[10:43] <wilbur> what sex is he/she?
[10:43] <skwerrel> hell, i've been coming in here for nearly a year, and you all still think i'm a man
[10:43] <wilbur> you are
[10:43] <skwerrel> wait...oh yeah
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