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272: Happy Birthday, Teegus!
Happy Birthday, Teegus!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hahaha. I bet you weren't expecting THIS so soon! Yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEEG! I told you there'd be something special for the birthday boy. And by special I mean eye gougingly bad. Also partial credit goes to Geckoman aka Miketheman who said cheesecake month "sucked" and threatened to "put my face in a wood chipper". Yeah, that's what you get, beeyatch. I was gonna do woodrow's pic much later (much, much, much later. As in never), but gecko's "warning' was just too tempting. Ps; Don't threaten the guy who makes the comics. As much as I hated drawing woodrow in a male cheesecake pose, it was all the sweeter knowing you'll be in visual pain aaaaallllllll week. And if you think YOU'RE suffering, then spare a thought for me who had to come up with an appropriate pose AND draw him in it. *shudder*. Need pornography. Keep up homosexuality....I mean HETERO.....SPORTS! Uh, that link isn't safe for work, by the way. Anyway, I start exams tomorrow and I've apparently spent all study week digging through porn sites for reference material (the things I do for you people!) and drawing naked women...and a mostly naked man. And I plan to follow up this home run with even more naked women. And, you know, not failing uni. I had woodrow's pic ready yesterday, but I wanted the opinions of the femmes in the irc channel before I put up the strip (pun intended). Well, oof, Jen and Litazia gave me the proverbial "meh", bec said it was "funny", and CrackyMcZap told me to take his pants off and leave the thong and suspenders. Yeah, he had pants on before, so blame cracky. Actually cracky isn't so much a femme as he is a raving homosexual. Anyway, since my test audience gave me apparently no feedback besides a) Woodrow doesn't do it for them and b) Take his pants off, I could really only do the second. Oh, and Lit said his pecs were too big, so I made them a tad smaller. So thanks irc cheesites, you've really come through with the If you want me to go back to drawing naked women, then GET VOTING, and maybe there'll be a special surprise on friday's update. Or maybe Woodrow might drop his pen and have to pick it up. YOU BE THE JUDGE. That's right, just dial 1-900-JESUSGODMAKEITSTOP, and we'll schooch neatly away from woodrow's sweaty half-naked body into a more nude female-filled area that doesn't raise nearly as many questions that I don't want asked. Ahem. More importantly, check this shit out. That's right, according to Altavista, I am the NUMBER 1 SITE for JOLENE BLALOCK'S BREASTS! So come on in for all your Jolene Blalock breast related needs. Oh yeah! Click here for JOLENE BLALOCK'S HYPNOTICALLY PERKY RACK! I kid, I kid. Updates in the extras section. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage! Quick! Before yahoo clears its news history!
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[13:49] <Beerman> some guy offered me cash to do his programming assignment yesterday
[13:49] <becy> he should have offered to give you head..
[13:50] <Beerman> naw, hes not my type
[13:50] <Beerman> uh, I mean, hes a guy
[13:50] <Beerman> ...SPORTS
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