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274: One last slice of cheesecake!
One last slice of cheesecake!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
HOOHAH. I bet you never thought you'd get sick of seeing two naked women together, but leave the cheesecake up for a week and see what happens. That's right, nothing at all. In fact we got consistently over 700 visitors per day, even though I gave notice that I wasn't updating this week. So...GO US! And on a side note; Geckoman, shut up. I'll update the damn comic when it's convenient for ME, not YOU. Anyway, this is the last update for cheesecake month (next update being July 1st, assuming no crap ups), and since I'm on holidays now, that means we're back to MWF updates for the next few weeks, besides this week (This week being tuesday, thursday, saturday, then monday). I also might take the opportunity to redo the site template, with a featured comic dealy and other doodads. In commemoration of all the hard hard work I did drawing naked women...and one seminaked man....why don't you keep up all that terrific voting? We've almost breached 20! That's the highest we've ever been! The forum is also hellua lively (unlike other places), so drop in and say hi to our newest members SchwarzerWind and RAC Scorpion, both from the Polymer City forums! Also a runner up prize for Dillinger for squeezing out a single update after 3 months. Way to go dill. I've been playing a lot of Battlefield 1942 lately, and I've noticed that the AI of my teammates is rather subpar, and in larger maps (that desert one especially), they happen to suck balls at holding their positions. In fact I used the "hold your positions" command, which apparently means "run around until you're as far away as possible", rendering the outposts lost to the other team. Now I know it's a multiplayer game, but is it too much to ask for them to stay still when you say stay still? How about getting that fucking sniper who keeps shooting me as I go over the hill? Stop manning the damn guns that face OUR base anyway and COVER ME DAMNIT. Sooo....yeah. I've had to win world war 2 all by myself, thanks to my fucker teammates who keep blowing me up with grenades or running me over in tanks. And that's both Allies and Axis. Go me. And is it too much to ask for the bazooka to actually do some damage when it hits near the soldier's feet? I'm sure real rockets have splash damage, why don't these? Anyway, Bizarre Linkage, and I'll see you on tuesday!
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[10:13] <Tony> i met rosie odonnel once a long time ago, i think thats why im gay
[10:13] <Deon> lol TONY
[10:13] <Deon> LOL
[10:13] <Deon> But honestly you're gay because you have sex with guys
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