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275: More nakedry!
More nakedry!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You have no idea how long this took to draw. Seriously. Nat alone took as long as it normally takes me to make entire comics. After cheesecake month I'm not used to drawing so small, so it was a constant back and forth of undo, draw, undo, draw, undo, draw ad infinitum. So I guess I'll be making them larger from now on, which means it's better for you quality-wise, but I might have to start leaving you 800x600ers out if I have to fit more than 3 at a time into panels. Meh. We'll come to that hurdle when we...jump....wait. I suck at these metaphor things at 4am. Nevermind. I've got this spiffy new cache thing implemented where it should hopefully lighten the server load by massive amounts...if I just get it working. For some reason the bollox server doesn't like fopen, or at the very least won't give it permission to read/write/create a new/existing file. I've checked the permissions on the directory and they're the same as all the others, so it's not a read access error, just some weird php access eccentricity. If anyone has any ideas how to fix it drop me a line in the forum, because once I know that I'm not slowly murdering the server, I can go ahead changing the script and adding all sorts of new goodies. It's a new month, so keep up all that sexy sexy voting before I have to go back to uni and to 2 updates a week. I had a lot more to say in the newspost but I'm really really tired.

Alrighty, I know the bizarre linkages lately haven't really been BIZARRE per se, but today's is gonna make up for it in spades. There'll be so much bizarre they'll make three seasons of the twilight zone about it. Before I provide the linkage I just want to give a REALLY STRONG heads up on today's bizarre linkage. It's some FUCKED UP shit! Like, seriously. Fucked up. Don't click it if you value your virgin, non scarred brain. Or if you're a man, your ability to find breasts sexy. Damn you, internet people! Why do you have to hurt my brain so much! I don't know enough words to adequately describe the sheer neverending horror of the upcoming picture. I know I've linked you to some bad stuff before, but that was nothing. Just a temporary jolt. Goatse is just a little eye burning. THIS scars you right in the soul! I can still see it when I close my eyes! It's so many degrees of wtf that it...has...lots of....stuff. Yeah that was a bad analogy. Okay, here it comes, but don't say I didn't warn you. Fucked up bizarre linkage. Seriously not safe for work, needless to say. Geckoman, this one's for you. It's in four parts. The first one is the worst, but it gives the setup to the rest. I'll give you some time to scream in horror and maybe gouge your eyes out. I've got two theories right now, either they're ALL fakes (please be this one. I can live with this theory), or the last 3 are fakes (examine closely and you'll see the crazy insect hole things all have the same pattern as the first) and the first is actually real with some woman having INSECTS BURROWING INTO HER GODDAMN BREAST AND LAYING EGGS. BURROWING. EGGS. LAYING ARGHSIGHGSG!!!! Cracky from the irc channel reckons that it's a lotus pod or something, and someone photoshopped it to look like it's part of her boob. I'm not too sure about that however, since although the holes match up, those egg looking dealies don't look like lotus seeds. So anyway, either someone spent the time and effort to photoshop the first one so well that it looks like FREAKING INSECTS ARE IN HER BOOBS or it's actually REAL and some other people thought it would be hilarious if they took the insect tit and attached it to other normal titted people. In either case, WHAT IS WRONG WITH INTERNET PEOPLE?! How do insects burrow into someone's breast so much and she never notices it until it's like a HIVE of EVIL!? Why would you see this craxy goddamn picture and then decide to CUT IT OUT AND ATTACH IT TO OTHER PHOTOS!? MY first instinct was to rub bleach into my eyes until I didn't have to see it any more. It's three days since I first saw that (damn you, fucker! I'll get you somehow) and I'm only now getting semi-non waking up screaming sleeps. If any of you have an idea whether it's a fake (I really really hope so) and can give some sort of logical explaination WHY for the LOVE OF GOD anyone would fake something so mind scarringly bad, TELL ME! I NEED CLOSURE! CLOOOSSUUURRRE. Anyway...back to trying to sleep. And sorry for inflicting that upon you, but causing other people horror lessens mine. Here, have some random links to take your mind off the evil

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