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276: I didn't need to exaggerate
I didn't need to exaggerate

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, I stole the RIAA logo from Checkerboard Nightmare. Whaddya gonna do about it? And after all those months of Hulk advertisements everywhere, doesn't that grabby hand just look like absolute crap? Yeah, go me. In case you're new or something, the RIAA has recently announced they're getting even tougher (I'm pretty sure that's the link) on pirates and seem pretty set on going on a hulk-esque rampage of privacy smashing proportions by actually suing your isps to get your details. My favourite was the publicity stunt they pulled a few months ago of suing individual college students for upwards of $4 million. Because those britney spears tracks are just CHOCK FULL of value! Plus they essentially wanted to ruin these guys lives and have them forever in debt for no real reason other than they needed to make an example out of someone, and it might as well be the guy at the top of the class, right? According to my calculations of $40 an album....$150,000 per track.....the RIAA is just trying to grab some quick money instead of updating their business plan. Apple's iTunes proved that people are willing to pay for online music provided they can a) Do what they want with it. None of this "only listen on selected players and you can't copy it" bullshit, and b) Get it at reasonable prices. $1 for each track I download sounds reasonable. $20 a month sounds stupid. Even though I might theoretically save money if I download more than 20 tracks a month (I don't) there's no guarantee that the songs I want will be available from this particular service (the idiot labels won't agree with each other), and IN ADDITION you try and limit my enjoyment even more by having the songs EXPIRE if I don't keep paying you? What the fuck is that about? This isn't a service, it's a PRODUCT! We pay YOU, then you give the product to US. We then get to use the product. That's how it works! This isn't like an electricity bill! I don't want goddamn music bills showing up in my mail. Anyway, this comic was a lot funnier in my head, and I'm pretty sure it was a bit wittier as well unfortunately the wonders of 2am comicing leave the writing somewhat lacking, since my brain is already asleep and I'm operating on a mix of thirst and gas. See, if I was more awake, that metaphor would've been a lot funnier. And the third panel is sortof a crazy jump for no real reason except I forgot the line I was going to use when I first planned out the pose for the panel, so it's just filled with random junk. Speaking of random junk, vote! C'mon! You did it so well last month! I'm planning yet another redesign (possibly along the lines of Monkey Business, but first I want to find a new background image. It's time guessed it....
Do my work for me because I suck!
Ol' swirly served me well, but this current background never really "clicked" for me. As it stands, I'm in the market for a new background tile for the site, so far extensive searches have proved fruitless. Perhaps you'll have better luck than me. The background needs to be flat, simple and mostly plain. Staying away from dark colours is also good. If you stumble across any good backgrounds, post them (or a link to them) in the forum. And I'm not looking for those fancy 3d bubble/steel plating/circuits/escher tiled backgrounds. They're far too busy and distract away from the comic. Anyway, the sun's coming up so I guess that's a sign that I need to go to sleep. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage. It's safe. I promise I won't post anything like the last bizarre linkage again.

Additional goodness! Go to google and type in "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (quotes included) and hit "I'm feeling lucky"

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[09:56] <skwerrel> holy crap! apparently there's some biotechnologists in italy that successfully crossed a chimpanzee with a human
[09:56] <skwerrel> apparently the new breed would be semi-intelligent, and perfect as a slave race
[09:56] <skwerrel> but they interrupted the experiment during the embryo stage
[09:56] <skwerrel> for 'ethical' reasons
[09:56] <skwerrel> this is bullshit, i want my chimp-boy
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