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278: Smooth like a fox
Smooth like a fox

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
See, it's funny because....bad....thing....ah forget it. I was gonna give Nat a whole new redesign, since I apparently can't draw her in an acceptable timeframe anymore, but instead I just chaged her shirt. Go me. There was also a battlefield 1942 comic in the works, except I remembered I can't draw actual things like "backgrounds", "weapons", "vehicles" or "uniforms", so that went down the crapper pretty quickly. Maybe I'll have it ready someday, but with copy/pasted backgrounds galore (read: YOINK, google image search). I've been trying to implement this caching script for about a week now, with no success. It works quite beautifully...on my home computer. On the bollox server, it runs into some difficulties (still haven't worked it out, and so far the technical support guy's suggestions haven't yielded success). If you want to check the error, have a looksee at the tester page. That should IN THEORY be checking to see if there's an existing html file in the specified directory, then loading it if the current date is younger than the specified expiry time. Otherwise it'll create a new file of that name in the directory/Modifying the existing one. Of course it doesn't do that, and just gives me those weird basedir errors, which restrict the php's access to the current account. Looking around google the only possible clue I've gleaned is that it has something to do with the script needing to access the tmp folder, but can't do it with this open_basedir thing set. Other than that, I'm clueless. If any of you php gurus could help me out, shout out in the forum. Not much to report on the non-comic front. Contemplating seeing the Hulk, except it's just HULK, isn't it? What's wrong with the? It's a perfectly acceptable word! Anyway, hopefully it won't be another brain gouging wallet rape like Tomb Raider. And speaking of tomb raider, tomb raider 2 is coming out soon I believe, and like an idiot I'll be paying money to see it in on the big screen because hey, Angelina Jolie. Stupid Hollywood....knowing my Anyway, here's your Bizarre Linkage, courtesy of dreamwraith. If I was him I'd be asking for money and beautiful women to rain from the sky straight after that. Beautiful women with parachutes. Or at least lay some matresses down first, God. Vote!

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Nat's breasts are totally the wrong size. I obviously redrew this one like a crafty person

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<@HORTENCIA> Once I took this girl out on our first date and it was her birthday and I forgot. So I grab this big trash can at the movie theater and drag it over to her and say "Pick what you want from it, it's from my heart."
<@HORTENCIA> The best part though is that she found that funny (or pretended to) and 20 minutes later we were making out.
<@HORTENCIA> Stupid slut.
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