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279: Comic sense not make
Comic sense not make

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Have you see the Hulk movie? Like seriously Ang, keep the fucking camera still and use only ONE camera at a time! We really don't need a multi frame shot of the back and sides and feet of Eric Bana when he's drinking coffee. And what's up with the fights in the dark? I don't know if it was just the cinema I was at, but for those two main nighttime hulk rages, I couldn't see SHIT. Were those dogs biting him or animated trees? Fucking hell. The best part however, to steal a phrase was when Hulk went super saiyan at the end. WAAAAGGGEEEEEEEE. Ooh, and I caught the Tomb Raider 2 trailer before Hulk started. And like the weak spirited fool I am, Angelina Jolie's incredible...uh...charm hooked me in. And the swimsuit helped too. Plus her british accent actually sounds british this time, and not...shittish. Notice how the cat's tail has stripes, but in that closeup the cat's body and head have no stripes? Yeah? That's because I SUCK. Stupid non being able to draw closeups. I guess you can hold off voting for a while, since the twc is a bit buggy while Threeboy upgrades the server. Not that you were exactly voting super hard to begin with, but what the hey. Take the day off. The forums are all new and vbulletin3 and scary, so go have a look around. Aaaanyway, that's it from me. Enjoy your comicness and Bizarre Linkage. Baby ink! For when your baby needs to REBEL AGAINST THE MAN. And...WOMAN! YEAH! Take THAT, mother!
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[12:07] <noname> i tried to write my name in wet cement
[12:07] <noname> then i realized it wasn't wet
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