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281: And you thought YOUR parents were bad
And you thought YOUR parents were bad

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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This comic has no real point, I just wanted to use the word 'ricockulous'. And draw Jesusman again. Anyhoo, since I've been away from uni I've got all this energy that's not being blown on trekking back and forth through the stupid campus because my stupid classes are on opposite sides of the stupid uni. Stupid. Anyway, I've made 2 new guest strips for Bollox (who featured Duke in a recent strip, and who are celebrating their 500th stripaversary. Go! Now!) and VG Cats, this nifty little alex chiu parody banner (here's the original), an icon that should show up when you bookmark the page, and a few other secretive things. This from 2 updates a week a fortnight ago. And did you ever notice how many sentences I start with "Anyway", "Anyhoo", "Plus", "And" or "Well"? Probably because of my inability to stick to a single train of thought. We should make it a drinking game or something. Like, take a drink every time I copy/paste between panels, every time Thanatos' hair changes or every time Nat's breasts mysteriously grow/shrink. Actually scratch that last one, I don't want to kill you by alcohol poisoning. Hell, they're smaller in the last panel compared to the first two already, let alone compared to the previous comic. That's what you get for drawing everything freehand...mouse....freemouse? Are you all voting to make up for lost time? The forums and twc list were down when Threeboy moved servers and I realised that about a third to a half of our traffic comes from twc or the forums. So keep btc going strong! C'mon! I'll kill this bunny! Seriously. I've got a brick right here and I'm not afraid to use it. Two clicks and you prevent rabbit stew for dinner tonight. And you'd better do it too because I really suck at cooking.

Okay, apparently we slashdotted that matrix ping pong video server. I'm so proud of you all. But, uh, don't do it again.

Search for the replaced btc
See how Nat's hair is spiky in the fourth panel, but not in the other two? Yeah, well I'll bet you do NOW. Hint hint

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[14:53] <skwerrel> <keevs> umm from IRC or IRL?
[14:53] <skwerrel> <Doomers> What program is IRL?
[14:53] <skwerrel> <Mal> my god
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