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283: ker-cheap!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Woo! New redesign! How do you like it? Don't like it? Then let's see YOU do better!....No seriously, let's see it. I suck. Slack has pledged her design services, and so has Xelopheris from the #webcomic irc channel (official irc channel of! (plug plug)), but since nothing has shown up and I'm almost back at uni, here's my own crappy redesign! Yeah, now you know why I did programming and not design. If either of you get anything done (please hurry), shoot off a template html to me and I can fix it. It's for the good of all the readers. Think of the children! Xelo; I may or may not have told you, but there's gonna have to be space for a featured comic box. Currently situated over to the right.

Aren't copouts great? Yeah. And don't think I won't be using him a lot during this term. Barrel scraping galore! Yep, uni starts again this monday (well, sunday to you northerners) and I'm ready to bend over and grab my ankles again while I wonder just how they plan to fuck me over THIS semester. Oh, you'll be interested to know I got my results back, and ALL. CREDITS. Yeah, suck it peter. Asshole, trying to fail me even though I satisfied all requirements set out in the guideline. Of course if he wasn't such a jerkoff it would've been three credits and a DISTINCTION. Jerk. Apparently the RIAA's "let's sue everybody" campaign has reached australia, and their aussie counterparts the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association, I think) seem even MORE sue happy than the yankees. To use a line from this article, why do they think they should be immune to the forces of economics? The market has clearly changed, and people want more content for their dollar. I can get a dvd cheaper than I can get a game or cd. Seriously you fuckers, get your act together. I'm not paying $40 for a cd, $25 if I'm lucky, if I can get a dvd for $20. Albums are an absolute load of crap. When people only want one track, they're gonna get just that track. If you can't figure out a way to distribute single tracks digitally (Duhh...mp3s on your websites with a common pricing structure between labels, idiots?) then watch your business sink and die. Do you think the typewriter companies tried to sue computer users? If you don't adapt then you're gonna fall behind, and you already have. Abusing your target demographic isn't going to help. Try listening to their suggestions for once instead of telling them what to do. People aren't going to stand for 2 day dvds that require repeat purchasing or cds that skyrocket in price to "cover piracy". You've already got your levy on blank cds, what else do you want? Coin operated radios? Every time I drive my car I have to put a credit card into the stereo system to hear a song? Kiss my ass. You have to justify why we're paying so much extra for the same content people were buying 20 years ago. Hell, at least vinyl had the advantage of richer audio and cover art. With cds the best you can scrounge up is a shitty leaflet and maybe a hidden track or two? Maybe if you'd think for a while and started selling dvds with surround sound and videos on them, you MIGHT be able to justify your current album price. It was recently revealed that the record companies have been secretly developing ways to distribute trojans across p2p networks, aimed to target the victim's hard drive and wipe it of "illegal" files. Most likely it'd search your hard drive and delete all audio files. What about people who have legitimate mp3s? Bands? The artists whose best interests you're allegedly looking out for? If anyone else announced their intentions to distribute malicious programs that violated people's hard drives they'd be thrown into jail, but it's somehow okay for you because your profits have gone down in a time of recession?! WOW OKAY!! Face it. You're running scared now that people have realised the shit you've been pulling for the last few decades, and you want your safety blanket of ignorance back so you can go back to wiping your asses with cash. They've actually requested laws that would HOLD BACK USEFUL TECHNOLOGY. That's right. they want to HOLD BACK SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS for their own selfish purposes. Shut down file sharing networks, kill advanced search engines, run companies and individuals into bankruptcy just to prove their point. I recall a quote where they wanted to ban ALL FORMS OF NETWORKS (ie; on campuses, lans, etc). Now I may have felt some slight margin of pity for you before (or at least the artists you represent), but there's no way in HELL you have the right to hold back our entire society for your own greedy purposes. You don't have monopoly status anymore and can't do what you want. Deal with it. The recording industry has to learn how to change with the times, not hold back everyone else. If you can't, you go out of business quietly and leave us the fuck alone. Well, that was a nice little rant. Aaanyway, if you're still with me, here's a reward, advance preview of monday's strip. This is also my way of testing how many of you actually read the newsposts. Also, tell the music industry they can kiss your ass by downloading mp3s from some hardcore playahs. I recommend QuakeMaster heartily. What do you think of a permenant link to a forum thread under the strip where you can discuss the latest comic ala Aikida? If nobody's interested, I won't bother, but it would be a pretty simple change to the php. Leave your feelings on the forum. Due to Threeboy fudging the database, we've lost about 2 weeks of posts, so go right ahead and re-fill it with madness. Also, vote! We're in the high 20s again! Let's see if we can stay there. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage. He'd be a perfect match for our ol pal Ivana Mandic. And one more dose of vitamin mp3, from your buddy and mine, Sloan! You read that mp3 right. It's mr t,. Rapping. In MISTAH T'S COMMANDMENT. You tell those sucka foo's, mr t!

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