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284: I suck!
I suck!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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If you're reading this, it means you're either very clever and realised you just had to add ?comic=____ onto the url to see that particular comic, or I gave you a link on the irc channel, you saw the thread in the forum, or you'd actually read through the last newspost and realised I'd put a nice obvious link in. Or, you know, it's monday now and I made this comic public. Well if you'd gone to the irc channel or forums like I keep telling you, maybe you'd have gotten to see this comic in advance. Actually, you would have seen the entire storyline in advance because I created a substantial buffer during my break. And don't think you can just go around trying to see comic 300 or something, because I'm only uploading on proper update days now. It pays to listen to what I say, doesn't it? Yeah. Maybe there's EXTRA content sitting on the server RIGHT NOW that only the irc goers know about (no there isn't, but there theoretically could be!) Making comics in advance also means I'm typing newsposts in advance, and have to make eerily accurate predictions about the future so nobody knows about my ruse. So, what's up with the weather lately? Man, those idiots in Washington sure dropped the ball this time! The winning lottery numbers are 4, 17, 39, 20, 44 and 8. Take THAT, future! Ps: vote, and I'll shut up. Non-crappy speedlines courtesy of Polykarbon. Maybe I should've taken their drawing tutorial as well, because Duke looks distinctly non animeish in panel 2. In fact I just plain suck. And was this a giant cop-out or what? Maybe you'dve suspected something from the last strip. Is you'dve grammared correctly? Is you'dve even a word?! Is grammared!?! Speaking of copouts, isn't Nat's little forgiveness speech the worst thing you've ever heard? I just pulled that honesty line straight out of Family Matters. And I like how his thumb is apparently speaking. Okay, I'm gonna stop looking at the comic now because all I can see are the errors. Like how Nat magically shrunk between panels 1 and 4 (panel 3 doesn't count, because I'm just being an ass). Or how her general facial structure also changed...Argh! STOP LOOKING! STOP. I think this is the shortest storyline I've ever done. Well it's on par with the sancho one anyway. Well, here's your daily dose of bizarre linkage, the snoopinator....dawg.

Art page updated with new scrap art and changes file(s). The old one was getting too large, so I split it up by year. Also fixed some cast images.

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[15:16] <Mr_Shroom> So wake up, afropik.
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