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293: Chicks dig it
Chicks dig it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, I really do this. Actually once I get started it's pretty hard to stop, and it's getting to the stage that when I start my knuckle cracking routine (which moves onto neck, spine, shoulders and sometimes my knees) it sounds like someone's getting murdered outside or something. And you can crack your jaw when you jawn, but it hurts after a while. But hey, look on the plus side, besides being a disgusting habit it doesn't actually give you arthritis, just weakens your grip strength when you're older. So sucked in, old wives tales. The best one is having your knuckles crack whenever you make a fist. BADASS. The new character thread in the forum has gotten moderate responses from cheesites (I guess you're all voting a whole bunch, so I forgive ya). So far one character has been named, and I've narrowed down the possible face designs. Now go and suggest some hairstyles, because I suck. Remember, you're the one deciding our future! I forgot to mention in the last newspost that the cnn bizarre linkage last newspost was courtesy of Stephen, who has a temp job at HP and also manages to email me quite a bit. And speaking of email, Kyle from asked me for a shout out in the newspost, so here you go Kyle. Enjoy. And I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention it when I did it, but the linking buttons have been fixed yet again on the extras page. Goddamn changing styles all the time. Anyway, time for me to heartily attack sleep once more. Enjoy the Bizarre Linkage, Courtesy of Threeboy, the guy who does True Nuff and is also a very very very good sport
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[15:32] <Dest> I have an account on a Sun E15000
[15:32] <Dest> With 64 UltraSPARC-III 900MHz CPUs
[15:32] <Dest> 64GB of RAM
[15:32] <Dest> And about a terabyte of SCSI RAID
[15:32] <Beerman> yum
[15:32] <afropik> great
[15:32] <afropik> now that we're all informed of how big your internet penis is, I'll be going to sleep
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