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294: A proud tradition
A proud tradition

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yep. More fantastic self-referential humour. And on friday I'll make a comic making fun of MICROSOFT. Hoo! WATCH OUT! Maybe if I keep saying stupid things you'll laugh. ITALICS. No, I didn't really spend six hours on this. Only five.....*cough*. And comic-representation-of-me shot himself because he was making a comic about making a comic about making a comic. And, so did I, I guess. But we don't have handguns, so I just sorta gave myself a dead arm instead. Well I'm kinda strapped for comic ideas, and I don't want to kick off the storyline too early because a) I did that last time and it had disastrous results, b) I have a buttload of work to do this and/or next week because I've been putting it all off to make comics, and c) It's almost strip 300 and I don't want to interrupt the nice continuity. By the way, does anyone have any ideas about strip 300? I'm fresh out. 100 was a look into the past, 200 was a look into the future, and if you say 300 should be a look into the present I'll cut you. Thanks to your fantasmagorical voting every single day, we've secured a death grip on spot 18 on twc, and netted quite a few extra readers. Great work, cheesites! Well, I guess it's time to wrap this sucker up, since I've got about 40 minutes to read the last 150 pages of a novel so I can discuss it properly in tomorrow's tute without looking like an ass....again. Bizarre Linkage. What do you buy for the person who has everything? Why, CAR SCROTUMS of course! Just like the ones we have in Australia! CAR SCROTUMS everywhere I say! SCROTUM.

Ps: Have you ever noticed how many newsposts I start with "Yeah"? It's bugging me.

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Shouldn't there be a KEYBOARD? Yeah, real subtle job there on the altering a comic, STUPID ME

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