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295: This probably happened
This probably happened

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yargh. I hate it when I have to do copy paste comics like this. Monday's will either be late or another work of ctrl+c and ctrl+v. I've managed to put off all my assignments, presentations and essays till this one week and now I REALLY REALLY have to do them. Seriously. Everything is quite literally due on the one day, and some subjects have two things due. Sooo.....yeah. Bear with me until next week. And yes, there was an actual scientific study that was devoted to finding out that sitting on your ass and watching tv instead of exercising makes you fat. Good use of a few bushels of cash there, guys. You wanna work on that cure for cancer any time soon? Another one which I was going to list was the scientific breakthrough that discovered that "men" like "porn". Yes. They had to actually research that. If you took that much obvious in noses on your face and stacked them one on top of another it'd reach planet no shit, sherlock. Stolen from Jon Stewart, yeah yeah. In other, non-goddamn freaking obvious news, WE TOOK NUMBER 15 ON TWC!!!!11!!TWO! How kickass is THAT? I knew we could break the top 20, but not get THIS close to the top 10. If you all keep up this level of voting from the beginning of September, then we may actually break into the top 10! That's INSANICRAZY! Speaking of insanicrazy, check out the Bizarre Linkage. It's BRUCE-LEETASTICO
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[11:44] <[FoK]GoodGuy> You americans are so prude... can't even slap your dick in a girls face there?
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