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296: So Juicy
So Juicy

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Wooooo. Right on time. And all I had to do assignments.....yeah. You readers had better be worth it! (*cough*voteyvotevotevote*cough*) We got to 15 last month, and if we manage the same intensity from the get go this month I'm pretty sure we could take the top 10. C'mon! It's only two little clicks. Anyway, other potential catchphrases included "electric melons", "funky panda" and "muffin police". Those are totally copyrighted by me, so don't go stealing my muffin police idea. Well, it's 3am, I've got a presentation due in, uh, 10 hours and I haven't started yet. And I need sleep. bizarre linkage.
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[11:57] <Chani> I'd probably sit still and let you beat on me.
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