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310: I'm the king of subtle
I'm the king of subtle

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Fuck. Hands like goddamn claws. I spent about 9 hours programming C today, following the light six hours I did the day before, and the walk in the park combined 40 hours or so of C the previous week. Yes, I've been spending more time programming than I ahve been sleeping. There were originally gonna be about 4 panels of balls, but I seriously can't be bothered seeing as I'm half dead. And I kinda forgot the other 2 pansls worth. posting the comic early so I can sleep in tomrrow. Jesus this damn newspost is taking forever. Future goon: update the featuredc omic sometime. No, fuck you, current goon. You do it. Blah blah blah blahvote forum bizarr e linkageFfiobn . Sleep for goon

props to phosphers and JadeDixon for crit'ing the comic when it was in pre-production. Yeah, that's what us superprofessional webcomicers call it

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[15:18] <Beermon> you know, having sex with a blind chick would be kinda cool,cos you could make whatever faces you want during sex
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