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311: Bring your kids
Bring your kids

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Man, have you seen Kill Bill yet? It's fucking gory! Well, not really Saving Private Ryan gory, but there's a lot of slashing and limbs flying everywhere, and blood? Well according to imdb, they used over 450 gallons of fake blood in the two kill bill movies. Now that's just fucking crazy. I'm pretty sure you could fill a pool with that, but my sense of estimation is terrible. But yeah. Limbs get cut off (not just generic slashes across the chest like most swordfighting movies) and blood gushes everywhere. And the soundtrack? It fucking kicks ass. Sorry for the lateness of the comic, and the copy paste, but I've had a buttload of assignments to do (GODDAMN C), and they're still not done. Plus you all haven't exactly been voting which is pretty much the only thing I ask you to do, since we've dropped two places on buzz. Don't make me come out there. And the alternate comic, which I didn't draw because I fell asleep near the end of drawing, was thanatos getting a paper cut, then blood spurting everywhere in a comical fashion for about 5 panels. But yeah, dead brain, no drawy. The forum has some life again, but fluffy has already indoctrinated the new guys into his ways. Go show him who's boss (not me, apparently). Bizarre Linkage, God bless you internet. Giving the gift of fake breasts.

argh! And I keep forgetting to mention Paste for sneaking in a Duke cameo. Thanks, guys!

Sweet crap! Twc lives! VOTEVOTEVOTE

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