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319: It's that time again!
It's that time again!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Wooooo! Here we go! Cheesecake month back in the saddle! And I know that last time we started off with complete nudity, but you need to build to it really. Aaanyway, before I kick off the newspost a shout out to Ray, who runs Hindrances to Progress, home of Taco man and Burrito Boy. Plug plug plug. Happy, Ray? Also, Darius' site Top Hat Two Canes. Well, with this comic I was going for a Creature from the Black Lagoon sorta thing...except I forgot what the movie was called until afterwards, so I ended up using this as reference instead. And cheesecake head with green body looked absolutely stupid, so I made the body brown, so he sorta looks like a mud/poo/bastard child of the Michelin man sorta thing. And I'm trying something different with Nat's skin colouring as well, using Flash's built in gradient compared with exporting to photoshop and using the dodge and burn tools, which saves me an extra step but takes a little while getting used to. The lists should (hopefully) have reset by now, so don't let up on the BuzzComixand Twc voting! And to commemmorate (comemorate? I dunno) cheesecake month's cheesy sexploitation, new voting banner! Note the extra deep hawnk compared to kat's relatively higher pitched honk. Mmm. Sexual harassment. And I also finally updated the archive page because it was pretty damn ugly looking. Holy crap I've made a lot of comics. Well, since the whole point of cheesecake month is to distract you while I study and do my exams, we're down to 1 update per week, although I might get more out if I'm feeling more productive. And that's probably gonna be the case because I'll do anything else rather than study when exams are near. And have you heard that the beta for Winamp 5 is out? It's pretty damn sweet, and I'm only using Beta 1 (Beta 2 is out now, but I can't be bothered upgrading). It's like what winamp 3 should've been. Anyway, enjoy your bizarre linkage, nigger's LiveJournal! Ahhh, stupid white boys.
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[13:11] <Helixxo> ChinkyRetardKid (10:06:39 PM): wher u live?
[13:11] <Helixxo> Helixxo (10:06:48 PM): california
[13:11] <Helixxo> ChinkyRetardKid signed off at 10:07:38 PM.
[13:11] <Helixxo> is he coming to get me?
[13:11] <tate> yes
[13:11] <tate> he's going to search the entire state
[13:12] <tate> once he hits LA he's going to check the phone book for Helixxo
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