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320: So (much) touching!
So (much) touching!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Check this sheeyat out! That's right!! Oh yeah, Bigger Cheese...DAWT CAWM.. So, uh, update your bookmarks everyone! Supermad props go to Threeboy for donating it! You ROCK, three! There's no numerical measurement for the amount of ass you kick!

So, how are you liking cheesecake month so far? Yeah, you would say that. This comic was actually up about five days early, but hidden on the server. I notice that at least a dozen of you figured that out, and good on you. The newspost has been updated since then though, and I won't be making it as easy next time I have early updates, so don't go looking for 321 because it's not there. Voting at Buzz is doing good, but that voting at twc is doing SUPER MAD KILLER...SUPER! Don't quit now because this is prime time to pick up new readers! I think that Cleo came out really well, but Lei's huge eyes aren't really that well suited for facing the audience...what with her giant freaky eyes. And her hair is murder to draw. I must've spent almost an hour trying to get it right. Speaking of Lei, some more sexy sexy fanart from DangerousCurves, the world's first Lei fan art! And she's in a bikini! Lei, not DangerousCurves....although she might be in a bikini too. The weather's sorta hot. But anyway, I digress. I think I'm sorta getting the hang of this gradient tool in flash, but I still like to send it to photoshop for minor shadow touchups and whatnot. Oh well. And Kat was supposed to be turning red or purple from lack of air, but it just came out looking really really stupid. Lousy unfamiliarity with poses. Either the next update or the one after that is the designated male cheesecake (or is male cheesecake beefcake? I forget), so expect much clawing of the eyes and so on. Anyway, that aside you want to see something super crazy?! Well do you remember the comic about semenex? Well guess what, the head of the semenex site actually sent me an email to say that he'd read it and enjoyed it. And he enjoyed it so much that we actually got not one but TWO links on the Semenex website, One on the main page (midway down, to the left), and one on the media page. That's totally INZANE! And I'm pretty sure this is also our first brush with an actual proper corporation too. DOUBLE INZANE! Speaking of inzane, our pal Fenris has resurfaced from his life of hoboism with a brand spanking new comic! Give it a chance and send lots of reader-love. The best kind of all! Got any btc-related talkin' you want to do? Then try our trusty forum, which is now being moderated to ensure fluffy and his gang of miscreants don't scare away new people by ruining threads. C'mon, give it a go! The more of you there are the less chance he has to muck everything up! Anyway, are you sick of getting automated telephone systems instead of an actual person whenever you call a company? Then check this list for bypasses! And after you're done screwing THE MAN, check out the bizarre linkage, Chicken exercises! Buk-KAW!

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[23:30] <Goonigoogoo> later ray
[23:30] <Goonigoogoo> don't buy anything poisonous
[23:30] <Goonigoogoo> unless you want to poison someone. Then buy something poisonous
[23:31] * HarvardFrankenstein is now known as Harv|buyingpoison
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