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322: Eyes...burning....

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, you have no idea how much this hurt to draw. Especially when SnuggleBunny (formerly DangerousCurves) broke out the reference pics. Yes, that is No, don't click that. It's okay kids, I'm a professional, don't try this at home. And you'll also see Woodrow now has short hair. Basically because when I first did Woodrow's character design I polled Kitsune, the only available femme online at the time, who gave his general outline. Since she's gone, SnuggleBunny has apparently taken over the beefcake reigns and is also making me her bitch, since I did like four redraws. And willingly looked at a url with worldgay in it. FRENCH worldgay. That's just not cool. Anyway, this is the second last update for cheescake month, I don't want to end the month with naked woodrow. Gargh....dirt...won' I really need to know how many female cheesites there are to know if the eye burning to satisfying female readership ratio is worth it. There was originally gonna be more of the gang in the picture, but I think 3 hours was quite enough. There'll be a monday update, then back to regular tomfoolery! woo! foolery! TWC voting is still down, so everyone go and concentrate your attention on Buzz, I guess! And have a good look around the forum, now that it's all nice and clean and jibba-jabba free. Bizarre Linkage, now I'm gonna go and find some pictures of angelina jolie to clear out the burniness. Or that sexy sex video of Paris sex Hilton having sex. Yep. Paris Hilton sex video of sex. keyword.
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<Dane> Some people called me asshole because I called Rambo a wuss when he started crying in the first film.
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