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325: You asked for it
You asked for it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!!
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Woo! what better way to commemorate the end of cheesecake month than with...grisly murder! And Angelina Jolie's breasts! Yeah, I've been getting a number of comments recently that people missed the old violent btc, but frankly they take forever to do (since now I can't just select red, the spraycan tool and gore away), plus all the jokes end up being the same really. So here. I hope this tides you over until next time. No, my uni timetabler isn't called pierre (as far as I know), I just wanted a vaguely wussy sounding name that'd make me want to punch that guy. Sorry if your name is actually pierre, but you should've thought of that before I made a comic about it, shouldn't you? Yeah, I'll bet you feel bad now. Seriously though, the fuckers at uni gave me the royal runaround, to the extent of giving conflicting incorrect information which ended up blowing days of my time, not to mention having to trek down to the stupid bloody campus again only to find out that I DIDN'T ACTUALLY HAVE TO. Oh, and while trying to reenrol for next year I found no less than SEVEN DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS of units that clash with each other. Units that were listed in the enrolment book as "compatible". Like, compatible unless you want to actually do more than one at a time. I submit them to the clash reporter dealy, and guess how many of them were resolved? Here's a hint; it starts with z and ends with eroYOUGODDAMNFUCKERSDOYOURBLOODYJOB. So I've ended up purposely enrolled in units that clash, but try to make the clashing ones easy, so that I can miss the lectures with the minimum of failing. Thanks for the great work, uni. I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends. Twc is still AWOL, so how about everybody concentrates on BuzzComix instead? We're not really getting that many hits from buzz, so if you don't feel like voting how about you personally introduce a friend to btc? I don't have any monetary prizes to offer, but I'm sure there's some good karma involved in there. So c'mon! Karma away! Forums are mostly random-free now, with the exception of a couple of threads, but come on in and poke around the place. If you have any questions you want answered, or just somewhere to talk to other cheesites then join the shenannigans! Anyway, here's some bizarre linkage in time for Thanksgiving, how about some wholesome SNAPPLE PIE? Mm-mmm! Just like mom used to make!
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[10:49] <Samus> man, if i had a dollar for everytime i cried tears of coke semen
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