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326: I didn't want to google for Michael Jackson
I didn't want to google for Michael Jackson

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
So yeah...Apparently I'm doing comics without backgrounds now. Does anyone miss them? It saves me a step and technically I wasn't really doing backgrounds to begin with. In any case this comic had too many colours to begin with, so the end result would've been terribad. And the Rick Moranis joke is a reference to Blurry's old "Whatever happened to Rick Moranis" line. And before anyone can try and get offended I'm not saying that being black is bad or any of that other crap, I'm just saying that christina needs to cut back on the tanning lotion. Like, seriously. And the whole three kilos of makeup too. And the dressing like a slut. Actually it all went downhill after she did that lady marmalade video where everyone was dressed like a whore. She just kinda forgot to get out of costume. Well there you have it cheesites, indisputible proof that singing lady marmalade will turn you into a whore. That's right, a christina aguilera naked sex video mtv whore sex keyword nude. Well now that I'm done baiting search engines, Thanatos in the third panel looks like a bit of a dweeb, but in any case I knocked together the comic in like half an hour because I stayed up too late watching Die Hard with a vengeance and that movie about Howard Stern. Swish! The dialogue needs a bit of tweaking, and the third panel was going to contain "It might not be contagious, but to be absolutely safe, DO NOT BUY ANY CHRISTINA AGUILERA PARAPHENALIA!", because I liked the sound of paraphenalia, but I needed to work stereotypical black man name(tm) into the strip somehow. And there was supposed to be before and after pictures of Michael Jackson too, but I really really really didn't want to see what horrors would come up if I put his name into google image search. Also I'm lazy. It looks like we've got some fresh faces in the forum, and as an additional bonus, I'll be giving vote incentives on the BuzzComix vote page! That's right, vote and you can have a special peek at some of the files from my reference folder. That might not sounds interesting at first, but you'll need to keep in mind that I have subfolders for cheesecake and various flexible female poses. Mmm-mmm. votealicious. The current voting incentive is Angelina Jolie, and I'll be updating the image on random days. Onto some really bizarre linkage, a fasting fakir, who survives on NOTHING AT ALL. That's right, the guy eats and drinks nothing yet is completely okay. Apparently he's been doing it for years and years.
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[12:59] <Sloan|Work> Memorable quote from the film Akira, from the IMDB::
[12:59] <Sloan|Work> Kaneda: Tetsuuuo!
[12:59] <Sloan|Work> Tetsuo: Kanedaaa!
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