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335: eeeeeeewwwwwwww

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Panel 4 just cracks me up, even though that has to be the worst cat ever. And I didn't really HAVE to draw the fluid on the cat and the ping pong ball, but I decided to go that extra mile to gross myself out. After all, if wouldn't be btc if I just pussied out. Heh, pussy. I crack me up. There was originally more of cleo and thanatos in the first two panels, but I had to crop them to fit the word bubbles into the panel and not cover everybody up. I was contemplating adding progressively bigger items and thanatos getting more and more shocked/disguested with each one, but I think this worked out much better. And I don't think cleo could fit a cello in her robo-uterus anyway. If you're so inclined, there's a new linking banner in the extras section. BuzzComix voting is kicking ass, and it looks like you all really really like the voting incentives. Actually the other day I worked out that we actually send in more people to buzz than we're getting out, unlike the 2000 plus visitors from being in the top ten of twc in august. Ah well, them's the breaks. I often get asked who the voting hottie of the day is, and if you really need to know, you can ask me in the forum, or irc channel. The current (updated) voting hottie is the reference art I used for this comic. Yeah, that's just the front half, and I had to do Nat's torso by combining various other pictures. Speaking of the voting hottie, Matt gave a detailed review of how btc is "bland" and that I'm "a fucking hack" (thanks for the votes of confidence, StronGlad42 and burntash!) for updating the comic with cheesecake during my exam month so I can study, then using banners of my own work to advertise the comic! I can tell how he might think I'm a hack, because I've lost count of the number of times I've seen a sea monster with a cheesecake for a head in Cathy or Dilbert. Shit, I think Family Circus does that every second week. Plus I totally ripped off that whole "creating a banner to maximise click throughs" thing. And how silly of me to be using customised flash banners and incentives to get people to vote. I should have used HIS imaginative approach of using the standard buzz banner and the line "vote, or I'll kill you". No wonder he's number one! I could really learn a thing or two from him. Matt also admitted to reading a single comic of btc before making the deadly accurate claim of blandness, so I decided to double his workload and read TWO comics of his, which means I'm now twice as accurate as him in my guess that Rwwr is "crap" and Matt "likes it in the butt". I mean, he does seem to have a major problem with seeing seminaked women and likes "fire" "from the hip" after all. And anyway, you don't need to actually read anything or talk to the author to get accurate information, just look at a single picture and you're set, right? Damn, this reviewing without reading thing is easy. I should've done this earlier instead of actually using my brain. Thanks for the help little buddy! I wish I could be as estute as you, but at least I know you don't read below the third line (I think he really meant sentence, but I'm not as estute as him) of a newspost so I can just do whatever I want! Tits ass nude sexy sex sex! Woo! SMUT! And if that forum thread and corresponding rant wasn't bizzare linkagey enough for you, then why not check out the Megaman fan movie trailer? NNNNEEEERRRRRRDDDDDDAAHHH

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It'd be kinda dumb for me to replace one of the most memorable strips in recent memory, especially since I've used it in banners all over the place. Yeah. It'd be a bit too obvious to see if I changed this one. Too obvious. Waaaay too obvious.

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