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338: MARVELous

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This one was funnier in my head. And Thanatos originally had scales and crap on him to be more mystiquey looking, but then it looked like he was already in costume. Here's a handy hint: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos' Mystique outfit consisted of strategically placed blue silicon pieces, and a crotch-pad. Duke's line was originally "now put on your crotch pad", but I wanted to say that the entire costume could be held in one hand and...yeah....*cough*. Anyway, my mouse has been acting up lately, so if I miss any future updates it's because it has died completely. Goddamn piece of shit optical mouse. Zeb, if you're reading, Zip has issued a challenge. Anyway, Bizarre linkage. What better way for PETA to spread their message than by traumatising children? Good work, guys.

This just in, the secret santa entry! From Alex of Poke & Gravy!

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[14:50] <Meds|Away> This guy says he finds an unmarked tape at his mom's house, figures it's, porn, pops it in, and it is porn. Of his mom.
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