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344: Nickel Arcade
Nickel Arcade

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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This seemed a little disjointed to me, because I'm used to having four panels to work with, but hey. That comes with the storyline territory I guess. Also, penny arcade now uses a Premium Blambot font, so it was a bit hard for me to emulate. I ended up going back to what they used to use, Comic Sans. Well, they used something that looked like comic sans but a bit thicker. It's close enough I guess. Panel 3 was going to have a mention something along the lines of when threatened he gains hulk-like strength. I don't remember the exact words, and it was pretty weak considering all the extra words it involved so I scrapped it. And an alternate version was Thanatos NOT threatening him with a knife, and continuing with the mistaken identity until "Peter Jackson" punched him to the ground, with the last panel being Duke saying "Hey, guess who I just saw!" to Thanatos on the floor. I made my choice and stand by it. Sorta. Well, after the comedy titanic that was 343, I remembered what the original premise of the storyline was again, and that was what btc would by like if other people were illustrating it. So that means doing the art different (duh), but it's not just a lame tribute comic either. I'll try to keep them funnier. Twc is back with an all new owner and on an all new server, and it's good to see that everyone is voting as hard as possible (we're number 2!), and if you could vote at Buzz every day as well as twc, that would be super. Okay? Okay. Due to some technical mishap at DrunkDuck, all the comics were wiped on new years, so it'll take a while before I get everything reuploaded. I took the link off until then. The forum is getting lively, and we pick up a new irc cheesite every now and again, but they hardly ever seem to come back. C'mon, drop in! We won't bite!....At least not after a week or so. Anyway, in theme of our vote-tastic january, here's a little reminder to keep clicking that flash vote banner, which I think also qualifies as semi-bizarre linkage: BOJANGLES! (ps: The log humour is trivia from The Crow, and the changes file has been updated)

In related news, we got a link from Elf Life, on the Elf Sightings page, even after past me kinda slandered him...a whole bunch. Libelled? Anyway, just to show no hard feelings Carson, linky link link link

The drunkduck mirror is all back to normal, so if the server goes down again you can always read your favourite btcs at the duck

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[20:52] <Goonigoogoo> During the first day of shooting in Wilmington, North Carolina, a carpenter suffered severe burns after his crane hit live power lines. On subsequent days, a grip truck caught fire, a disgruntled sculptor crashed his car through the studio's plaster shop, and a crew member accidentally drove a screwdriver through his hand.
[20:52] <Goonigoogoo> oh, and they KILLED BRANDON LEE
[20:53] <Beerman> lol
[20:53] <Beerman> my hand is killing me
[20:53] <Beerman> I'M KILLING LEE
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