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345: Cheesekerboard Nightmare
Cheesekerboard Nightmare

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Besides the speech bubbles thing, which I still haven't got the hang of, I think this comic turned out pretty well. Kris and I have a pretty similar style of humour, so this was a matter of just putting in either some science or marketing words. Also, he uses a custom font based on his own handwriting, so I had to make do with something that approximated it. Wasn't that a fun bit of trivia. And have you noticed how many of the comics I'm emulating are black and white? This was gonna be 344 but I bumped it back to get some colour in the storyline. Voting at twc is going great, but I think for now while twc is still small, we should concentrate votes on Buzz mostly. You've all been doing a great job, keep it up! Enjoy the bizarre linkage, LEGO BADGER BADGER BADGER


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Heeeyyy....where's Duke's GLASSES?! DUN DUNN HINNTTT

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[11:25] <gassit> techno, i have to beat boys of with sticks anyway - so that is not a good idea
[11:25] <Goonigoogoo> dave beats off boys all the time
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