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346: Nary go round
Nary go round

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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In case that's a bit too small to read in the last panel, Thanatos is going "Now the axe is attacking your arm!". Anyway, John Allison was one of only a handful of the people I emailed kind enough to reply to my rambling nonsense, and he happens to be the creator of two of my favourite comics as well (Bobbins being the other one he runs....or ran, I guess). Although the art is fairly easy to replicate, the main problem is trying to make authentic Allison-sounding dialogue. How do you think it came out? If it came out well enough, I might be able to do that Wigu styled strip after all. I'm really liking the way that the speech bubbles didn't take forever to shape and fit, and I may do them this way in future. Cheesite Dunlap noticed that I forgot to put in Duke's glasses in the last comic. Whoops. In case I forgot to mention it, if the forum ever goes down for an extended period again, Eddache has set up some nice phpBB forums, which we can use as backup. Isn't that fantastic of him? Speaking of fantastic, check out the totally sweet new vote banner. Tell me that isn't the best sound byte ever. In linky buddy news, how about you check out AdventureQuest and Ash's webcomic list. In his own words; "It's basically a list of web comics showing when they were last updated. You can also download a program which updates when comics are updated". Sounds pretty cool to me. Check it out! Buzz voting is going pretty well, but we can't seem to break into the top 3. I'm sure you guys can all do it, we've taken on tough competition before! Anyway, enjoy your bizarre linkage, Marry your pet DOT COM!
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