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347: Silicon City
Silicon City

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Yeah, this is based more on classic (2001ish) Polymer City, when it was still a humour strip, although the bust size is pretty 2003. And it's in colour now. Ah well. Panel 3 was originally "Tell my wife and kids I love them!" with Nat going "I AM your wife and we don't HAVE any kids!", but it seemed a bit too laboured. I've heard the occasional question of whether I have a paypal account so you can donate money to me for some reason I still don't get. I do have an account, but have no credit card to validate it. In any case, any money you donate would first of all go to Eddache, who deserves a whole bunch of it seeing as how he's donated so much of his own money for server space after shtank died and various upgrades, such as the phpBB forums, which I believe cost something like 100 pounds to enable and install. If you were thinking of donating to me, send that money over to Ed, without him there'd be no btc today. We wrested (wrest?) #3 from Mall Monkeys on buzz, and if we all concentrated really really hard I think we could take #2. C'mon cheesites! I believe in you! Well I'm trying to clear out this backlog of bizarre linkage, which I may or may not have used in the past, in any case, here's the rap dictionary! Word, yo
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[15:21] <Fenris> I saw a fucking smiley on a resume today.
[15:21] <panda> holy christ.
[15:21] <Fenris> Not enough people are being shot these days.
[15:21] <panda> that's just... no.
[15:21] <Beerman> eww
[15:21] * panda adds some cholorine to the gene pool.*
[15:21] <Goonigoogoo> did you punch them
[15:21] <Goonigoogoo> ?
[15:22] <Medics-R-Us> Goon
[15:22] <Fenris> No, I just saw the resume.
[15:22] <Medics-R-Us> The "u" thing is not understandable
[15:22] <Fenris> I want them to ask if they got the job.
[15:22] <Fenris> So I can send a letter reading "LOL U DID NOT :)"
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