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348: Bigu

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Boring fact #134723etc: This is the first btc with the specific date written on it. Minutae aside, I was gonna borrow Gina (the teacher) from Wigu, who was also a character in his previous comic When I Grow Up...I think that's the right url. Anyway, I was gonna borrow Gina, but then Kat struck me as a teacherly sort. And there were going to be more children, thus making the thanatos in a classroom of children thing be funnier, except it turned out looking too crowded. And yes, Thanatos is holding a polaroid of him as a child with Abraham Lincoln. It's just how these things work. Well voting at buzz is going tremendous (we took #2 yesterday!), and we've got a death grip on #2 at twc as always. The guest comics section has been updated, because I forgot to put up my entry for the webcomic secret santa, and also the resurrection of dpad and high ping bastard, so I guess the curse of my guest comics isn't permanent.....all of the time. The forums appear to be down, but there's always the backup forums if you're really really desperate. And for you northern hemispherers who are still enjoying your winter, how about some yellow snow for your bizarre linkage?

New news!: DING DONG THE GOATSE IS DEAD!! Oh, and Jeff linked us! Yay Jeff!

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[14:35] <Technogen> HEY that Cruse ship is still for sale
[14:35] <Technogen> 1.8 million
[14:35] <Warskull> cruise ship no has guns
[14:35] <Technogen> fuckers a 25,000 toner
[14:35] <Technogen> WE can make some'
[14:35] <Warskull> I don't think we can take over other ships with luxury
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