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350: An Arrogant Destiny
An Arrogant Destiny

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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This strip came in an alternate version which you will never get to see. And it's titled 'an arrogant destiny' because arrogant is the antonym of modest. Get it? Yeah. Hilarious. Oh, and the other possible end line was "GET OVER YOURSELF", but I chose this one for some reason that escapes me right now. Anyway, this strip was (mostly) ready thursday/fridayish, except that I'd already made the dpad one and put a date on it, which means it wasn't easily swapped around. Well I suppose I could've opened it up or something but that's just crazy talk. Anyway, in case you're not in the webcomic loop, if you will, (I'm using a lot of italics today, huh?) Squidi took offence at this pvp, making this nice pee-pee comic in response. The reason it's on my server and not his is because he took it down a few hours later. Plus the best thing was how Kurtz never actually mentioned his comic in any way. Anyway, seeing as how he peed on the pvp comic for mentioning only pixels, I figure he will take this one, roll it up, insert it into his butt and shit it out before he vomits all over it and...secretes some other nasty stuff from his orifices. Also, seeing as how it's a little bit too easy to make a stylised sprite come out exactly the same as the author's style, I purposely did a bad job of copying squidi, so he wouldn't try to eat me or some shit. It's, uh, parody. Yeah. That's the stuff. The stuff sq...not squidi is saying was mostly taken from things that were actually said. And if you really want to piss him off, the trick is to call his strip a sprite comic. Anyhoo, Thanatos and Duke AMDish sprites courtesy of the Luminance Copyright Infringement Generator! Make your own AMD styled sprites and make squidi super happy. Anyway, I start my work experience tomorrow, which is like a fulltime job only I can get kicked out a lot easier and I don't get paid. So...if I don't update on time. Too bad. I've been updating on time for the past two months. AAaaanyway We took #1 on twc, and holding pretty steady at #2 on buzz. Fantastic work cheesites! Anyway, hows about some of the best ever bizarre linkage, JESUS-RELATED BIZARRE LINKAGE! That's right, no matter what you're doing Jesus is with you! And sometimes he just happens to look like he's leering or about to mug you, but that's okay because he loves you. And he also doesn't wear a mask or gloves if you happen to be a surgeon, but destroying sterility in the operating theater is okay, because he's jesus.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. Btc got a review/mention on Cthon's comic.

Second addendum: Hey, Chugworth Academy made us the link of the day. That's killer! Thanks guys!
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