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353: So long, continuity!
So long, continuity!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You're at the end of a storyline!
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Whew! At the end of another storyline! No more having to keep a vague sense of continuity about the place. And the original thing for the previous comic was for the police to chase them out of the virtual reality dealie. Or whatever I was calling it. The ride. Jodie borrowed from loserz and Rayne from least I could do. And "crossing the streams" of course refers to ghostbusters and all its ass kicking glory, which also taught me the valuable lesson to say yes if anyone asks if I'm a god. I was trying to make a nice glowy effect using only flash (no photoshop in this strip), but it was about 60% successful I think. It's slightly above halfway in the third panel, but the second panel of gradually getting lighter in the background doesn't reallly sell it for me. Maybe next time. And yes I know I used a picture in the last panel of the last two comics. Boo hoo hoo. I removed the alex chiu banner because if I haven't gotten the rings by now then I don't expect he'll ever send them. I'll give it one more month, then I'm removing the link and the blog thing. It's kinda crap anyway. And if you REALLY want to do the blog type thing, then how about the Btc Livejournal community. I don't know what to do with it, but until then everyone can go post and stuff I suppose. We're still holding good at #2 on buzz, fantastic work everyone, and I think we can count the forums as MIA still. And a big un-thanks to Comixpedia, for completely ignoring my signup email! And Fenris' too! Way to keep us out of a big webcomics event guys. I would've really enjoyed the meeting new authors thing, too. Anyway, enough jabbing at the non-email reading people of comixpedia, enjoy your Bizarre Linkage, the Roy Orbinson in Cling-film site! I really really REALLY hope this stuff is a joke.
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