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355: I KNEW IT!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Argh. Sorry for being late, but my mouse decided to kick the bucket a number of times last night (leading to many many restarts), and in the end I couldn't draw anymore so I had to wait till today to get a new mouse. It's a tad more sensitive than my old one which means more precision but also means I have to relearn how to draw, because the slight movements can put stuff in the wrong place. I was debating whether or not Jesusman would say "take it", but I was never good at suspense anyway. If you don't like it, just pretend it's not there or something. Yeah, that'll do. And left out of panel 3 for space reasons was "the complete failure to withstand scientific scrutiny". It's a new month soon so be sure to vote lots and lots at buzz and twc once they reset. This comic is late enough as it is, so here's the bizarre linkage, Hot Simon vs Hitler! Plus a quick mention of Laughing iron, who wanted a mention, and NEW NEWNESS in the btc origins page (I dug up some old comics! The first ones to be exact)

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I really like this strip. And say...doesn't that sniper rifle look a little different?

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[16:58] <Sloan> That naked drawing of a chick has too much exposed skin! Let's cover it with protruding cocks. Thanks, Japan!
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