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360: Dear Hollywood; stop sucking II
Dear Hollywood; stop sucking II

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yesirree, a retread of old territory. It really pisses me off in movies when the all inclusive "enhance it" comes into play on some grainy 20 year old photograph which suddenly SHOWS THE KILLER PERFECTLY REFLECTED IN THE WINDOW OMG CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE AT LAST. I mean, c'mon. I can believe that the computer can make the person visible when not previously visible before with lighting and colour modification, but not to the extent that you can SEE THEIR GODDAMN FACES CLEARLY YOU BASTARDS. Alright. Enough from me I'm too damn tired. I forgot to write down a punchline for panel 4, so it just kinda hangs there....mocking me. Now that I'm nearly at the end of my work experience they apparently trust me more which means I'm doing more work, which means I'm running around a lot more which means I'm really too tired to do this comic thing exactly on time deal....sorta why I drop wednesday updates during semester. Actually I may end up dropping them soon because they're really killing me. And if you don't know, "iono" is the sound you make when you don't want to make the effort in saying "I dunno", which is itself the lazy version of "I don't know". I hope someday there'll be something easier to utter than that, because iono is just SO MUCH FREAKIN EFFORT. Anyhoo, buzz voting is super fantastic! Keep it up! And the ever nit-picky neesh has been complaining about the last vote incentive girls' saggy boobs, so I'll be sure to pick some perkier breasted women next time. The rest of you cheesites had better vote extra hard and make sure they're up to your high standards too. Cthon wanted me to mention he's starting the second chapter of his, uh, yeah. Second chapter. Go. And it's been brought to my attention from that man of beer that btc got a review from the laughing teve, which I'm proud to say is actually the second lowest reviewed comic on his list. (damn that lounge!). I don't particularly care if teve doesn't like the comic, that's up to him, but I do care when people go around writing reviews without doing their fact checking. If you're gonna base your review almost entirely around some facts, you'll usually want to check if said facts are actually still valid and, you know, factual. The comic was done in paint, but it's been made in flash since strip 144, around June 2002 for those of you playing at home, or for about 60% of the archives for you math geeks. In fact, out of the four comic-specific links back to btc (the "dragonball z parodies" link is for some reason blank, but still set up as an a href), not one of them were made in paint. Swish! Also, I know how hard it is to accurately get the name of a comic when it's only on the title, the logo, the bottom of every single strip, every single page and on the very banner that you have added on the page for god's sake is it really THAT HARD to open your eyes and actually read a freaking word properly? I mean it's on the bloody page at LEAST four times per update but NOOO......Anyway...just to help things along I made a few modifications to the logo. I hope it's not too subtle still! And for all you singles on valentine's day, how about some nice bizarre linkage....Bittersweets!


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