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365: Like Frasier, but wittier
Like Frasier, but wittier

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, idea taken straight from the joke book. So sue me, I'm on a dry streak while all this work stuff is cutting into my be funny time. An alternate punchline was "Plus your wife is totally hot", but I think that was just ramming the point home a bit too much, and you all know how I never ever ever do that. It's back to uni next week and I'm not sure how that'll effect the updates, since although I've technically got more free time (I'll spend less time at uni than at this full time job....that I'm not getting paid for) I'll be "learning" things every day. And probably homework and crap too. Yeah, I've decided to try and get into honours which means I'll actually have to study this year instead of goofing off (you have no idea how much I've sacrificed to get updates out on time. Like, limbs and stuff.....figurative limbs). Oh, and I removed the alex chiu link since the jerk never sent me my goddamn rings in four damn months. Enjoy the Btc Livejournal Community in its place! And its foxy owner, the ever foxy Snugglebunny aka DangerousCurves aka miss foxy mcfoxerfox.....alright I just made the last one up myself. Okay, that's the seventh typo I fixed in the last sentence, so it's totally time for sleep. Added the link to the blind date page in the extras section, and added some junk to the guest comics page (Bollox and N4wtb comics). Bizarre Linkage time, WILLIAM HUNG DOT NET. The chinese guy off american idol 3 who was so bad that now he's world famous! YAY FOR BEING BAD! Thanks to cheesite whose name I forgot to write down. I'll, uh, mention you properly in the next newspost. Seriously. Oh, and everyone don't forget to keep voting at buzz!, and check out the featured comic YENNY, who I couldn't find a button for, which is a real shame because there's some totally fantastic art, possibly the best out of all the featured comics so far. Oh, and a mention for Swaptrick, who wanted a mention
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:47] <Beerman> last night was funny, cos iva bought me acid and I was hitting on her, then we went to jordans t sort out who was going in what cars, and I was hitting on jasna, then we got to the beach and I was hitting on the sand
[12:47] <Beerman> because it was so silky smooth and sexy
[12:47] <Beerman> ooohhhh yeeeaaahhhh
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