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367: *sigh* ANOTHER true story
*sigh* ANOTHER true story

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey cheesites, sorry about the late newspost but I only just managed to get the comic up shortly before I was disconnected, so I'll give you the full rundown now. Basically this almost DID happen, if I didn't notice (three days ago) that the bookings had been opened sometime during the holidays, with a close date as soon as we started the semester. On an unrelated website. In small print. And yes, it was the information management faculty, which makes the irony all so much sweeter, and also they did something like this to me last year, which gives me severe doubts about the information management skills they're imparting upon me. And if you're saying "hey, why didn't you look out for it if they did this to you last year", then you'll be happy to know that I WAS looking out for it, but they pulled an entirely different screw-me-over scheme this semester, just to give a bit of variety, so I was on the lookout for a naval attack while the guided missiles were working their way towards their target. Ps; As I just found out this year, for Information Management, you have to manually add yourself to the email notification list, while the other non information managey units seem perfectly okay in doing that automatically from the student database when you enrol. GO FACULTY. Also, there's some sort of disagreement if my bookings open on tuesday or wednesday for my other units, which means in all likelihood I'll get screwed over TWICE IN TWO DAYS and miss out on my tuesdays off, which I desperately need for comic purposes, and the fact that I'm booked into two units that conflict with each other because apparently nobody takes that combination of courses even though the two units are listed as essential to completing the major in my handbook you goddamn jerks. Oh, and I stood in line for forty minutes for a parking permit, which is longer than it took to drive to uni. WELCOME BACK, KOTTER. I mean ME. Let me tell you, I'll be pretty fucking pissed off if I miss out on my free tuesdays, and doubly so if it's just one class where I have to drive all the way out and back again for forty stinking minutes. And Thanatos' hand gesture in panel 2 isn't a salute but a special combination of other hand gestures I do, whereby you form a karate-chop hand (usually the left), then pull it sharply to your forehead as though you're gonna slap your temple, then stop just short and kinda twitch your arm a bit. It's really hard to describe, but you get the idea. I do it a lot and I'm just now wondering why I haven't drawn it before. Twc voting is great, we're holding onto top position, and buzz is holding steady at #3. And by the way, major thanks to Sauce for donating some spankin' new forums! And there's also a btc forum at bollox forums, which not too many cheesites got into. Anyway, enough babble from me, it's that time again, more MESSED UP BIZARRE LINKAGE, Centaur Photomorphs! All those Aussies out there, join me in saying What THE!

Aaaand by the time I upload this it's the new month and we've dropped to 10th on buzz, so VOTE VOTE VOTE! And here is a little thingy I knocked together to commemmorate peter jackson's definitive sweep of the oscars last night. Do not click that link, ever. WEEE! SUUUWWEEEE!!!

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