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368: <Lance> Jugg Fucklers 2064
<Lance> Jugg Fucklers 2064

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Wooo! Implied nudity! woooo! And in case the text is too unreadable in the third panel, Cleo's shirt has "Pequena for Canadian Idol" on the back. It turns out it's harder to fit readable text on a shirt than I previously thought. And for those not in the know, Pequena is an irc cheesite as well as JB from the cam pages. There was an alternate punchline of the doctor from 308 holding a phone and saying "Nurse, cancel my 1 o'clock and get the jaws of life again". I don't know why I switched it, but you know....stuff and all. The title of this comic comes from me being lazy and asking Beer in the chat to think of a title. He couldn't, like a little sissy girl, so Lance jumped to the rescue, and got a pretty good match, considering I didn't let him see the comic early. Anyway, I think we've been having some server type troubles recently, as I've gotten a couple of complaints about dns/cannot find server errors, so around 7-800 cheesites are missing out on btc fun. If you see them, tell them I love them and that I've baked pie. Sweet sweet cherry pie. We've jumped to 8th place on buzz, so don't forget to vote extra hard! We're losing to THE MAN! C'mon! MAN! Anyway, I've gots to go, because there's "work" that needs to be "done" or I "fail" "university" "quote marks". Some poppin' fresh bizarre linkage from that man of indie, Sloan! GUM BLONDES!
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[15:15] <Beerman> "I'm downing some gay porn"
[15:15] <Beerman> "..."
[15:15] <Beerman> damn I'm hungry
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