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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ah those indigenous people and their wacky native title claims. You can't build a condo on that six million dollar per hectare beachfront property! It's sacred! And so is that brewery. And that chip factory. mmmm! Then they go and take long long holidays, even longer than those crazy jews. And the black people with their hip hop music. And other offensive things. Help me out here. And if you don't like it, why not send a long angry email *note; Do not send a long angry email. Anyway, I may have to skip/push back the wednesday update so I can catch up with my submission to the uni newspaper/various other minutae I have to take care of, because of satan's dark helpers fouling up my plans all the time. Also, uni administration. Anyway, this newspost is taking too long, so forum and bizarre linkage, GOATSE COOKIES EEEWWWW

Search for the replaced btc
Hey, where'd his necklace go in the last panel? Eh? EH?

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[14:55] <Mr_Shroom> Christos, you're a virgin
[14:55] <Mr_Shroom> Dhut up.
[14:55] <Mr_Shroom> The 'D' is for 'Dickless'.
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