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372: This means something
This means something

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I'm sure this happens to other countries, most possibly Britain and Australia, but when you say a country full of big fat people, you pretty much think of America. Patriotic flag 'n map courtesy of this desktop site, and Lance, who dug it up. I've noticed that btc is oddly popular amongst military academies, so maybe today's strip will help us break into the lucrative doctor demographic. It'll be like Scrubs, only in webcomic form....and less reliably updated. Also, if you get the chance, download the song "Enormous Penis" by Da Vinci's Notebook. Although on kazaa it's labelled as being by Bob and Tom...or Tom and Bob. Something like that. Well it says Da Vinci's Notebook in my id3 tag. Oh, and try to track down the a capella version of eye of the tiger. It's PURE. GOLD. Well it's almost btc's 3rd birthday (monday) and, just like last year I've got nothing ready for you. Maybe I'll have some nice fresh buzz vote incentives for you, instead of just choice pickings from my reference art folder. And bonus points if you can see which images I've used to make the particular pictures....well of the girls anyway. The reference art for the guys is more bits and pieces and less interesting as the vote incentive. Oh, I finally remembered to put back the forum link on the main page template, so you all enjoy that...and stuff. Here's your updately dose of bizarre linkage, the WORLD'S ONLY ASS KICKING MACHINE. I'm tempted to build another one and send a photo, demanding they change the name of their website., and in case I forgot to mention, I updated the changes file on mondayish.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[19:03] <Dest> I should try some time
[19:03] <Dest> When I'm rich
[19:04] <Dest> Buy like an ounce
[19:04] <Dest> And get a really expensive bong
[19:04] <Dest> And go nuts
[19:04] <Dest> Smoke it in like
[19:04] <Dest> 20 minutes
[19:04] <Fenris> and maybe
[19:04] <Fenris> complete a
[19:04] <Fenris> sentence
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