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377: Swing and a miss
Swing and a miss

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This was way funnier in my head. It, like, won awards and stuff in my head. Head awards. But then those butchers in the hand department had to break it and stuff. I also think I managed to rip two people off on this comic, which is quite good considering the other one is me. I was going to rip of a third person by giving Sancho's last name as "about four pounds", but I think that was a bit too obscure. I was wondering why the punchline was so familiar, and didn't know why until after I'd drawn it up. Yes, that happens sometimes when you make comics. You'll think of an exciting new joke only to learn that that bastard past you has already used it. And I also gave Thanatos a really boring name because I hate you all. Yeah, that's it. Mentally insert a "livin' in ameeeeericaaa" speech bubble next to Sancho in the fourth panel depending on your brand of humour and familiarity with obtuse Rocky references. On a side note, if I ever ended btc it'd probably be something like this, or a more American Graffiti style ending, in that it'll look more like American Graffiti...maybe. I don't have the time to draw up the new vote movie....partially because I don't have a concept bowing to the incredible demand* here's the return of the bojangles banner. Enjoy. Maybe it'll help with the buzzcomix voting every day at month next!. And speaking of bizarre linkage....CHRISTIAN GOTHS WHAT THE HELL I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON. Forum

*: Three people

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[19:27] <Zach> if I met a guy who knew everything,
[19:28] <Zach> my first question to him wouldn't be "how many pivots on a golfball?"
[19:28] <Zach> he could just make a number up! I don't know the answer!
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