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378: If only it were this easy
If only it were this easy

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Quickest update ever! And that's a slightly modified screenshot of the filtering rules wizard from microsoft outlook, in case you're not familiar with it. Slightly modified in that I couldn't put in "my idiot friends" (has to be a contact), and I couldn't add that as a contact, because it assumes that people like having their names spelt with capital letters. PFT. The wizard itself is pretty sophisticated, but not as much as I'd like (see above comic). I've been spending too much time trying to get the new vote animation done, and the next vote incentive finished because I think people are getting tired of seeing kat (but if you're not, then I guess you should vote extra hard before she disappears!). And yeah, I've gotten to the stage where I just delete all emails with Fw: in the subject line, or "I hope this works!!!!!" or "SICK CHILD FWD 2 EVRY1 MS GIVES 2c PER EMAIL" or "I FALL FOR EVERYTHING". You know the ones where there's some message at the bottom along the lines of "forward this to 50 people and a little video pops up! I don't know how it works but it's really funny! I've seen it!". Hey GENIUS. If the video only pops up AFTER they've sent the message, then how could they have typed that they've seen it? Do they wait till it came back and circulate a fresh copy? Did they OUTRUN THE INTERNET and edit each email before it reached its desinations? Bleh. The forum seems to be taking off, with actual comic-related conversations taking place, so if you were scared off from the previous forum because of all the non-sequi....oh let's face it, because of fluffy, then drop by this one which is a lot more fluffy free. Today's bizarre linkage, is this mousepad! Man, that's messed up....and from Japan, so I guess that explains it.

Ps: This is the greatest and best thread in the world

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<Kenn0r> man I wish I could set the "remind me in.." thing in the xp update to "when the sun explodes" or something
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