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379: Impulse control
Impulse control

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This comic is totally on time, if you're in a different hemisphere. so it's your fault, not mine. And yeah, I see professor jerk all the time in the stairwell as I'm trudging to my next hell class, and the temptation for just that little shove is overwhelming. Also, worst shading job on a face, ever. But not as bad as good conscience's dialogue. Bad doggy! BAD! No treat. And see that black line in the first and last panels? That means it's a staircase. Yeah, I know. Best backgrounds ever. There'll be a new buzz vote incentive any day now, I just have to learn how to draw...and.....colour. But it'll be awesome. That's for all the people complaining about seeing Kat. And twc changed their thing so it no longer says "goonigoogoo thanks you for your vote", but I'm not changing my vote thing there. They made the first move and now they have to live with it. I'm super pleased with the forum and the forumers it contains, because there's actual legitimate conversations going on in there like a real forum. It warms the cockles of my heart. Heh, cock. Anyway, some Bizarre Linkage, BAD THINGS THAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU...PART ONE. Oh, and wtf online wanted a link. Enjoy.
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[19:42] <Fenris> I honked and honked at that old lady, but then I had to run over her. Slow old lady.
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