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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I know certain parties made a razor joke not two days ago (okay...exactly two days ago, mister pedantic), but what are you gonna do about it? Yeah, I thought so. I forgot to link this last newspost, but I want to mention it so I can say that I had heard of it before it was linked on PA and becomes totally passe, but you can get it heyah or perhaps hyah if we kill the first server. And if we kill both....then you're on your own. Buzzcomix voting is going great (but that doesn't mean you should slow down), and we're holding pretty well onto 4th. But I know that we can edge ever ever closer. And I'm keeping a close eye on the forum, to ensure that no shenannigans go on in there like in the last one. That means no trolling and no posting thousands of smileys in a post. Yes, I said thousands and that's literal and not figurative. There's five new btclibs from cheesite Elisabeth, and the author of Yenny has kindly provided a link button to replace my piece of crap "NO BUTTON" which I slapped up in 2 seconds, so check out his comic and the appropriate button in the featured comics page. And now, the bizarre linkage that got me banned from the pvp forums....Trey Parker and Matt Stone's latest achievement PRINCESS THE WONDER DOG!! (And Part 2!!) Oh, and my sources tell me that the last comic should've been either "Sport is fun" or "Sports are fun", to which I reply LOOK OUT WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU NO SERIOUSLY TURN AROUND NOW

In other news, my quest for the title of "Australia's most popular webcomic" is blocked by Dragon Tails...and possibly Irregular Webcomic, I'm not sure about him because there's no counter and he hasn't replied to my email. So if you have any friends you haven't introduced to btc, now's the time to do it! If we break 3000 regular readers I think that'll be enough to claim the title!

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